Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lesson 151:

All things are echoes of the voice for God…

This is the one perspective worthy of the Son of God, yes? Even repeating this statement slowly as the lesson instructs, invites us to feel expanded within, allowing us to sink past all meaning prior to this instant. We use the words only as a springboard request for the Holy Spirit to flesh out meaning purposeful for our lives. Sink deeper with me as we move beyond the familiar of this moment in time, leaving time behind… Feel the ever-present belly of holy witness~ We know this witness, already, naturally. It was only denied by diverting our attention from certainty to disparity. Sink back into mind to rest in meaning, letting it find its place of truth within us, simultaneously bringing forward the recognition of the Self.

This Self-sense is a not quite tangible in the usual sense, yet real in an all-encompassing, filling the gaps kind of way. It is an unlimited spaciousness, which bestows safety, a quiet resting in the certainty that we are indeed what we are exactly, completely, wholly as God created. The strategic mind cannot get a hold of this, so it relies on mindlessness techniques based in fear and guilt, which we relent to and habitually ignore this awareness of our Self. But rather, robotically plug into the matrix of the strategic, egoic play, which then details out through the body’s senses and the regurgitated memory bank the to-do list we call life. This then becomes what we see and hear, already fixed with the mistaken meaning believed … We find our strategic mind cannot be trusted as a source to know the Self.

“Where can one find a reliable, consistent source for meaning in a situation rendered meaningless, when ones own mind cannot be trusted? How can one possibly see this differently?”

Ask and you shall receive. I ask, and meaning arose of itself… It’s peculiar, even from the beginning, I had this sense that I had a different perspective~ some portal, somewhere deep within myself that would reveal a completely different picture of the world ~ if I could just access it… meanwhile, there were these obligations and experiences always buoyed up with that ‘last change or else’ mentality to keep them in the attention slot of my mind. I don’t know why, but for me, the realization of finding myself in a self-made prison of hell, made me more receptive to the possibility of another way…

Today I see that lessons learned through joy come easily and heal permanently. A major contrast in experience apparently was necessary for me to be willing to relinquish being right. Major. However, just this little willingness, regardless of what it took to get there, has truly opened the portal, the Holy Spirit manages.

My doubting the legitimacy of my what my experience was telling me was my ‘real life’, was enough to show me the entry to the portal where truth lights the world with gentle recognition of Christ seen everywhere in everyone.

It whispers softly a belonging so complete and whole, I want to listen up for my brother and my self to hear one message we all share, through every voice and in every situation: “We are as God’s Son, created by Him and still as He created us as one”. This joyous reinterpretation, this portal of forgiveness, comes quietly to the mind stilled for a moment by the release of thinking ‘I know’… Its essence is one of recognition that … all things are echoes of the voice for God…

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