Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Truth answers every call we make to God,
Responding first with miracles, and then
Returning unto us to be itself.

It’s wild how forgiveness, as Jesus demonstrates and devotedly instructs us throughout the Course, turns out to be the best and, surprisingly easiest, experience in the world. We merely let every thing be exactly as it is. In other words, we accept life as it is, as God created us and all that is... and simply quit making stuff up, instead… We’re finally released from the burden on trying to be ‘right’ and trying to have the answers and having to think we know... And we are released into the ‘great knowing’ which is the Word of God!

We are the way, the truth and the life. Forgiveness merely sees past self-concept identification to the truth within ~

~The Self luminous reality~…

In daily practice, it lays out like this;we begin (as if we put on a new set of eyes) to see truth’s reflection in everyone and everything, as we choose forgiveness instead of separation... In other words, we see that our brother’s interests are no different from our own… Immediately we are filled with the love which experiences our brother’s innocence and our own… Sin no longer has a home here, for we are the medium for miracles.

I love the simplicity of forgiveness’s access to truth. As the lesson says:

“Your holy Son is pointed out to me, first in my brother; then in me. Your Voice instructs me patiently to hear Your Word, and give as I receive. And as I look upon Your Son today, I hear Your Voice instructing me to find the way to You, as You appointed that the way shall be:

“Behold his sinlessness, and be you healed”.

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