Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lesson 140:

Only salvation can be said to cure…

To get off the merry-go-round of thinking in personal terms around the subject of healing, is very difficult indeed, as long as we believe we’re here. Without personhood, this world would not exist.

Usually when we’re addressing healing, it is because there is something about what’s happening in our lives, with our bodies, that we don’t want. So it seems as if this is a problem that needs a physical solution.

A crucial shift for me was finally, firmly grounding myself my essence; in the essence that I am as God created me, which revealed plainly that what is inconsistent with eternal peace and joy, cannot be real. This in turn, allows for the remembering of the simple.

There is only one problem. That problem is that we believe that we could be something other than what God created, authorizing us to be separate from our Source.

There is only one solution. Salvation. The truth is true and only the truth is true. Salvation is the flip-side of the false world of problems, aliments and disappointments. The truth collapses all falsehood in on itself when it is brought together. It answers any seeming problem as merely a case of mistaken identity.

Any aliment brings the message that I have forgotten what I am, in truth. It is only in seeing this error that one can accept the cure. Once this misalignment is identified, one can now easily establish that a confused state has occurred, therefore one’s judgment is impaired. The mistake of having taken life to be personal and separate from the whole, where real identity lies is revealed, along with the remedy. Beyond the source of my confused state, is the cure unveiled. We are as God created.

We forgive what cannot possible be real in truth, and wait… This waiting piece has been a touchtone for the evaluation of my sincerity for healing. As long as I am looking for a solution to make myself ‘more comfortable’, I am trapped in a personal premise. There is no ‘personal’ premise in the mind of God’s Son… Duh! It finally occurred that healing can never occur as long as I see differences, as long as there is you and me and God, as separate ideas on any level.

I have to want only the truth to be true ~there are no variables, and no compromise is possible. You are healed along with me, and I with you. We are one mind. And it is this one-mind that needs healing. My contribution is invaluable. Wholeness means whole not part. So rather than seek to feel better now, I see that how I feel now, is relevant only as far as it can be forgiven as false and brought back in to the whole of mind.

One cannot be healed alone~ aloneness is the definition of sickness. The purpose for certain specific problems showing up in my world reflect my state of mind where healing is taking place. There is no ‘cold’ or broken bone, or divorce or death of loved one. At all.

There is only love and the holy call for love to the sleeping mind. It’s so obvious. The false is false. Period.

No amount of belief in it or its remedies can morph nothing into something. God gave the Atonement, in answer to this belief of ours. Hence, we have the Holy Spirit continuity of whole-mind. Here we have the ever-present memory of truth, as available to us as we are willing to bring all illusions including beliefs and feelings and submit them to the test of truth. They have already been judged as nothing in the mind of the Son that has gone on unhampered by the fantasy of separation, and when we willingly bring our dreams of death, to the light of truth, healing feels like laughter…

Deep joy and well being, replace fear and insecurity, as the silliness of the false is revealed. A smile one can’t repress, a beaming from within that all is well, takes the place of the seriousness, which crystallizes problems and illness in this world…

There is nothing serious, here… because, seriously, there’s nothing here… God’s plan for salvation is the only cure… aliments are not of God and once seen as simply a mistake in identity, are overcome by the rich peace and surety intrinsic in accepting the Atonement ~the Cure…

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