Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lesson 236:

I rule my mind which I alone must rule…

Ya know, coming to understand that I do indeed rule my mind, whether I want to be accountable for it or not, changed everything for me. At first, just getting that no one else, nor any circumstance, could make me feel any way... I decide. And ah, a little slice of freedom… Then, as I began examining every belief I held, looking for its origin and finding but a circular web of misbelieve all designed support its illusive self and to deflect me from seeing its unreality, I really began to feel the power of the mind.

Here’s what I have come to. This entire cosmos could not exist without my mind. The universe, world of bodies and things and diversity and change, are but the out picturing of my mind. I’m not talking about just in a perceptual framework of existence, I am saying, at all… Every idea I have summoned which seeming resides in this so-called life, I have looked deeply into and found that its solidity and structure dissolve into nothing but appearance by the mere act of looking. And behind each, I have found but my own true face…

The Self, which is beyond description here, but stands as the gateway to beyond, to some reality my mind is not savvy to, folds in on itself to what I can only refer to, in the context of this course, as Spirit; where timeless, structure less, changeless, oneness Love, simple is

This empty fullness is an experience of such peace and completion; one can hardly comprehend how we got so upside down in the illusion. Let alone fight to stay deluded… Save it to say, that it easily reveals the magnificent power of the mind… yes? Now, we see that mind is the activation agent of spirit, supplying its creative energy, as the Course states in the clarification of terms section at the end of the Course, which I’ll again refer to...

And another passage in the text that I love, that I refer to now, as I so often do, because of the impact it was for me, is from chapter 21:

I am responsible for what I see.

I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the

goal I would achieve.

And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for, and

receive as I have asked.

It is so freeing and powerful to take accountability for everything we experience in this world, forgive the false and decide with the Holy Spirit.

This is all we need do to rule our mind; change our mind about the world and therefore change the world, seeing Christ reflected in everyone and everything.

I rule my mind which I alone must rule…

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