Friday, May 11, 2007

Lesson 132:

I loose the world from all I thought it was...

When I first started practicing these lessons, I remember thinking how difficult understanding the meaning of this lesson was for me. “Loose the world”? This seemed almost like it was incorrect English or something ~it didn’t sound right. I couldn’t understand how I loose something. Ah, how simplicity eludes the mind, determined to stay fixed …

I changed my mind, as we all must and will… How easily I see now, that the world, seen from these body’s eyes, and experienced from this body’s senses, is the out-picturing of my internal state. Now.

One choice I made that changed the world forever in my sight; I sought to know my Self~ instead of anything I thought was real before.

As a seeker of ‘truth’, I first came to realize, that the further I sought some external authority, who claimed to have the truth (and believe me, I studied many of the great spiritual philosophies as well as the over explosion of ‘new-age’ philosophy), the further a sense of ‘truth’ from an inner knowing eluded me…

Here’s the thing, it wasn’t the teachings or even the truth they reflected, that what made the search so inwardly compelling. I’m sure that is the natural course of seeking the truth. Then, seemingly all at once, yet in a single, eternal, instant, I let go all the thinking of this world and felt a deep, comforting awareness of being eternally my Self. It was an experience of pure joy. It defies description because the very attempt itself, asks a parameter be placed on limitlessness. It is reality we all share…. I saw that what I sought was what I was~ always, already one Self.

Once the discovery that my body could not be what I was (and only a body is in this cosmos of varied and different perspectives), a certainty of true identity grounded me such that my thinking and feeling and even actions ceased to be on behalf of the body and the world (except, of course, to uncover its falsity within the belief structure).

The cosmos, my so-called life and world at large, was revealed for the out-picturing of what had been wished to be so… They were the beliefs that illustrate the thinking of a mind in consciousness. I saw that I am not this consciousness, but conceiver of this consciousness. I reside beyond, in my identity in Him. I am as God created me. In other words, this consciousness, the world; its time and place and character, the entire cosmos, is within me. I am not within it. I am of the universe of God. And all that is real is because I am. (Actually, this isn’t quite accurate, since in Self there is no ‘I’~ but such is the use of symbols). Consciousness plays out through me.

The first split in mind, consciousness; seemingly occurred~ I have come to see that this all appears before the mind of the dreamer of this dream, without appearance, except by wish to be. I reside beyond.

No dream can alter in anyway, the holy truth, where God the Father and His Holy Son remain, forever changeless, pure Creation. ~L O V E~ Perfect and complete.

To loose the world from all I thought it was ~this is a position of absolute accountability. It is available to those seek the truth instead of personal authorship.

This is what I came to recognize. Every little script being played out in this world, what ever I might think I see, believe is happening, are but wishes of a thought system of the past. Each moment is the present of Now, which virtually changes the world, first through perspective and then the very elements of the past slide off the mind~ present; like water off a duck’s back.

I always thought I was so hungry for the truth, but today I look at it like, not something I needed to get or get to, but rather a ceasing of the false, an unraveling, a relinquishment from even the hunger itself and allowing the homecoming which is my natural state.

The Self /Truth is not something we acquire, but rather something we acquiesce to. Once acquiesced, all movement I seem to be a part of, all events and encounters take their lead from the purpose of healing the mind that forgot its oneness in God, and sought to dream a different dream. This is the Atonement principle played out in replacement for the one idea of separation we made…

Ideas leave not their source… I who remain as God created me would loose the world from all I thought it was. For I am real because the world is not, and I would know my own reality… Thank you for joining in the one perspective as we loose the world from all we thought it was, and choose our own reality instead…

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