Sunday, May 6, 2007

Lesson 127:

There is no love but God's…

Dear God, Your meaning and existence are my own… Love is my name; along with You… It is my inheritance and the entire fabric of my being… Love is the perfect flow in all directions at once making direction meaningless. It is the beginning and completion of my relationship with You~ amen~

Love’s other name is Oneness… The wholeness that is God the father and His Son, is all that there is; so all that I am: Love… My meaning and my purpose…His love is the ONE relationship. It is how one knows God and He, us. It is how there are no real mistakes, only the ancient fantasies of mind gone mad an instant.

All power to imagine still has its being in Love. The power to value comes from the One value ~the Love of God…

Making this seeming journey back to the memory of God, in the re-acquaintance with Self as the love that one is in Him, one begins to see that this ancient fantasy of ‘special-ness’ as the chunk out, separated constructs that dimension-ize the regurgitated replay…

On a personal note: as I ‘opened my mind and rested in His Love, letting go my evaluation of reality was, I saw that I had peopled my world with the constructs of my beliefs and values. I looked about me and saw that ‘special ness’ was the meaning of love in my so-called world. And I felt desperate for it.

On the one hand, it seemed only fair that I have love. I had a deep sense that everyone was entitled to love, and that seemed to be at the heart of my desire. Yet, it seemed my tuner was off, or something. The reference dictionary I had was of no use to me. The definition of love I believed; being a kind of ‘more special to someone than anyone else’ kind of thing, didn’t match up with this deeper sense of innate value… Yet it was the value I held, and coping to this was the first step. Being willing to be wrong ~ all together~ was the next. Opening my mind and allowing God’s gift to replace them all~ was the homecoming…

But I’m getting ahead of myself. As I began to open to a real answer, I found my mind saw from a whole different view point (Holy Spirit), kind of like a magic-eye painting. So I was able to take a gander with an honest review and appraisal of my thought system. What I saw, was that this value (false love) ran interference in all my attempts at love, so I couldn’t actually experience the constant flow of love in continual circulation. I saw that with this mere shift in perspective, the impossibility that I not be apart of the wholeness that is love. Yet, with my thought system the way it was, I was unaware of it because my mind was set to interpret love instead of be and allow it.

This is the thing, too, I thought that I ‘got’ that God was Love and therefore so must I be. Yet the experience of completion, of constant, unmitigated joy I now feel, eluded me… Instead, there was competition, and fear of being ‘wronged’… This recognition allowed for fresh appraisal.

Just being willing to take honest stock of my life as I saw it revealed some very powerful awareness about what love is not. Love is not romance. It’s not the way I feel about ice cream. It is not my achievements or looks~ nor yours. Love is not the enticing feeling that comes with doing something better than someone else. It is not winning at the games of life. It is not being or having the ‘special someone’ I can call my own. It isn’t being wanted or needed or helpful or right. Love is not ‘working things out’, or ‘finding a compromise’ or ‘taking care of myself’…. Love is not great, mind-blowing sex, nor any kind of ‘intimacy’ with other bodies at all. It isn’t love if it has degrees… Nor if I think I’m more important than you ~ or my children, more important than others ~ my partner, more important than you or yours… These are the construct of fear, fathered by the core value of specialness.

Being special is not love. All the ideas that sacrifice is required and “if you really love someone you will (fill in the blank), reside here, in fear’s kingdom.

As I began to trust looking at my life and my self from the new/one perspective, I saw the dark shading that valuing specialness had smudged across the mirror of my identity in love.

This self same mirror is the means by which I see my thought of who I am reflected; where I see you and me and all that is; either overlaid with special love or the pure, beaming love of the face of Christ.

The Course talks a lot about special love and special hate and special relationships verse Holy relationships. I truly had no idea until I actually let my will go blank for a second to accept God’s Will, God’s Love ~

For just one instant, I did not see another’s interests separate from my own… That is all… It is enough… The Love of God bloomed within me, a present awareness of myself in you. A new meaning of love and relationship was ushered in… This meaning, gave all relationship One meaning… I began to see love as oneness and the beginning of love accepted and expressed transformed the structure of relationship itself. Once we drop our guard and accept holiness where special interest once reined, we experience today’s lesson as our daily life practice. We notice that it is not only the greatest gift we have to give, but the only one we have to offer anyone. Nothing else exists at all. The awareness of God’s Love is all we want and His presence is easily felt, by giving up all design on anything else we might think to value by ourselves. Turns out, love is the way that reflects exactly where forgiveness lies, showing that the Love of God remains and continues, unaffected by our fantasies of love/hate.

We are the ONE, united by our Fathers Love… Oneness is the love we share, our being and identity in God the Father, which we give and receive:

I bless you, brother, with the Love of God, which I would share with you. For I would learn the joyous lesson that there is no love but God's and yours and mine and everyone's… We walk together today in quiet awareness that There is no love but God's...

May we keep our minds tuned to God’s Love and see it reflected everywhere and in everyone and recognizing our identity in Him and allowing vision to unify our sight, that we look gently with eyes of love and see our world transformed from separation to Oneness… it’s right before our eyes…

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