Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lesson 162:

I am as God created me…

Holy indeed are we who make these words our own; arising with them in our mind, recalling them through the day, at night bringing them with us as we go to sleep… This is all that is asked of us today in practicing our lesson for the day. We begin aright by bringing our minds to the Holy Spirit‘s guidance with these simple words, the word of God: I AM AS GOD CREATED ME.

The lesson says that these are the words God’s gave in answer to the world we made and that by them it disappears; that all things seen within its misty clouds and vaporous illusions vanish as these words are spoken. For they come from God… Now that is some kind of declaration!

I am as God created me…. Just repeating the words brings peace to mind. Contemplating the apparent truth of them truly dispels the petty insecurities of the self-concept in favor of the Self; the Son God created always as Himself.

I am as God created me~ This is the one truth. It is a statement I am wholly connected to in meaning, dependent on for reality, and holy in my value. I honor life with this truth. Whenever anything seems to tilt off-kilter, this statement is a sure restorative to peace and to right-minded thinking and to the vision of my brothers as myself.

It stands to reason that developing the habit of engaging with God through the means provided by Him; from first waking till sleeping with our true identity in mind, is an important habit to develop.

I’ll tell you how it is for me. This practice has become a fixed part of mind. Whenever I experience any disturbance to my peace of mind, I immediately think, “What I am seeing cannot be who I am or who you are. We are as God created us. What I am seeing must be within an illusive mind I have mistakenly identified with, which I give now to the Holy Spirit for correction and restoration to truth”. The disturbance, without fail, dissolves back into the emptiness from which it came.

Making these words; I am as God created me, and indelible habit of mind is crucial. They are the word of God, the short-cut Home, connecting us instantly to the one truth available in this world. It is, simply, why we are here.

We practice simply today, honoring our Father, our brothers and Self with our holiness till we recognize our right to perfect holiness and offer it habitually to everyone… The light dawns today and blesses all, for we recognize we the Son of God: I am as God created me…

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