Friday, June 15, 2007

Lesson 167:

There is one life, and that I share with God…

Here’s my take: God is~ and therefore I am… God is what life is and all creation can but be the material of which its Source supplies… I live because God is, and lives in me. I know my being as the experience that life is, in this, the present moment…Yet to relay this experience already removes it from the present and reality itself. There are no particulars of past, present by which to give description…

Still, this life force, this ever-living presence beats constantly the truth of what I am and what sourced my very being.

Behind the dream of a sleeping mind that makes pretend of me instead, rhythmically pulses the truth, while mind imagines it uses life for dreams of opposites, with the idea of death running neck and neck with life. These are the kissing cousins of the ego’s ingenuity… I love what it says in chapter 7 of the text:

“The ingeniousness of the ego to preserve itself is enormous, but it stems from the very power of the mind the ego denies. This means that the ego attacks what is preserving it, which must result in extreme anxiety. That is why the ego never recognizes what it is doing. It is perfectly logical but clearly insane. The ego draws upon the one source that is totally inimical to its existence for its existence, fearful of perceiving the power of this source, it is forced to depreciate it. This threatens its existence, a state which it finds intolerable. Remaining logical but insane, the ego resolves this completely insane dilemma in a completely insane what. It does not perceive its existence as threatened by projecting the treat onto you, and perceiving your being as nonexistent. This ensures its continuance of you side with it, by guaranteeing that you will not know your own safety…. The ego cannot afford to know any thing. Knowledge is total and the ego does not believe in totality. This unbelief is its origin, and while the ego does not love you, it is faithful to its own antecedents, begetting as it was begotten. Mind always reproduces as it was produced.”

What represents the idea of life within this ego dream has in its genetic material, the signature of death. Every scenario is played out to see which one is fittest. Within the ego framework, neither the idea of life nor the idea of death, when brought to the test of present Life; stand up as real. They don’t vaguely resemble life eternal, which is the very substance from which all creation, you and I, have our being.

Spirit is life expressed through mind and here we reside.

It is the very power of creation; the breath of life, which the ego borrowed from the willing to believe, that gave seeming ‘reality’ to the dream of time, in the first place.

However, God creates only mind awake. Period. And time is not real, no more does anything that God created not, exist at all. The mind is free to make up innumerable scenarios of life expressed, temporarily snuffing itself out with every thought which Love did not give life, but never will it change Love’s verve~ Spirit~ cursing through and as creation, as God has Willed. Creation has but One Life, the one it shares with God. We are invulnerable to losing this life: we gave it not to ourselves and nothing we can fear or believe can alter the eternality of the Life from which our being came. Today, let us forget the meaning we subscribed to life in this world of sleep and wake up to truth eternal instead. We know its being, for it is our Self. We join being in the thought of eternal Life; the One Life we share together with God the Father, Source of all life itself…And it is here, now, that we reside…

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