Monday, June 11, 2007

Lesson 163:

There is no death. The Son of God is free…

There is no death. The Son of God is free… I am as God created me…

Glorious is this uncompromising truth. It but restates yesterday’s lesson in a formula that threatens the core of the ego’s rule. I was the ego’s fantasy and not our own which sought to conquer God and take His place as ruler of our the Son’s mind…. It is not true.

The ego (E-edging G-God O-out) is merely a set of beliefs which exclude God, oneness, changelessness, love: truth. It is the dream of the impossible, identified with while dreaming perhaps, but completely ludicrous when awakened. This lesson speaks the language of the ego to the mind that listens only for the truth. It simultaneously undoes the belief in death, which we so cherish by fearing it, dissolving it into the no-thing-ness from which it came.

I am as God created me! There can be no death since God is Life Eternal itself, creating only like itself… All the perpetual appeals, with countless variations of the death trap, are the ego attempt to convince God’s Son of what he is not.

It is crucial to accept that the ego-thought-system (e.t.s.) is not real, but merely a program in the matrix of the dream mind. What we are in truth resides beyond, in our Being.

The e.t.s. relies heavily upon the addiction operating system in the body-mind program, which is tuned to belief in the false… Once a belief is set and accepted, the mechanism of addiction with its obsessive, compulsive drive to numb the mind of any other option runs every thought through the filter of its king. In this world, the ultimate proof of its reality is that it ends in death. And no one questions the inevitability of death’s eventual sentence upon all creatures, great and small. It is the first thing we learn when we are born, through the fear for our fragile safety by the ones who love us. It is reinforce and substantiated in every decision made for us and by us… Can I make this choice and survive the grip of my demise? Sure we dress it up as millions of other choices and shallow it up within our minds. But honestly, doesn’t it get down to this?

We say the two unavoidable entities in this life are taxes and death, putting the spin of jest on it… Yet in the despair center in our gut, we mean: there is no avoiding the tax of death visited upon our lives as the temporary, the fragile, the inevitable weakening of the seemingly strong. We mistrust all relationships because we accept on some level that each must be truest to its own survival and on this one count, in the end, anyone else could need to be sacrificed. This is the state of fear which the program runs through the veins of the body, as the blood of life… And, once identified with it as our self, all we can do is distract and deny and attempt to stay one step ahead of death within our minds. We make elaborate plans for the future. We break them down into ten year, five year, one year, next month, this week, today segments. We design and develop and train and test and re-evaluate… We join in clubs and groups; religions and countries to make our position for survival seem stronger… We try to keep the enemy of our demise “out there”.

This is the hopeless dirge of illusion: Nothing will ever work to save us from deaths door… God has been replaced by death, perhaps, done in by death as well. Death will spare no one…That is not its function, not what it was made for. It was made to replace the memory of life eternal within the presence of mind of the Son of God. And that is all. Never has it shown any signs of truth. It is truth’s nemesis, yet it battles only with itself, on the battleground leased from the Sonship through the willingness to believe… And that is all.

Once willingness has been withdrawn and the mind of God’s Son commits his willingness to its natural place in truth, illusions of life; of birth and death, and all others in the dream of separation from our Source, begin the forgiveness transport back to no-thing-ness. Awakening has begun and questioning of illusions validity co-ordinates revealed and energized… Now the return to the memory of life eternal takes its rightful place baring the qualities of inevitability.

“God is”… becomes the text-over where residual self-image was within the happy dream, due to the dreamer accepting responsibility for the dream… The happy dream of forgiveness shines the memory of love and ceaseless joy within our hearts. Our eyes and ears and hands and feet become the instruments of Christ, reminding us of our reality.

The dream of death is but the shadow requisitioning forgiveness… The eternal smile of Christ is spread across the face of the One Son in all, as far as one is willing to see… And when we look upon our brother we see ourselves; blessing and receiving and saving each other with the single heartbeat our Father joined us with and gave that we may know ourselves and the Son He created by the bounty of His Love…

I thank you my brothers for the irresistible light of life within you, shining so brilliantly as the Christ identity we share, that no character the ego comes up with or could ever present, could ever convince me that it was more that just dream beaconing forgiveness’s touch upon it. All I hear behind the raucous story-telling of our so-called lives is: “Come forward and take my hand, we walk together you and I, side by side, with Love lighting the way for our return from the long useless journey that was never more than imagination.”

And here we have today’s blessed prayer upon our lips, to speak of, and to, our devotion to Life Eternal~ God is Life and we are free:

“Our Father, bless our eyes today. We are Your messengers, and we would look upon the glorious reflection of Your Love which shines in everything. We live and move in You alone. We are not separate from Your eternal life. There is no death, for death is not Your Will. And we abide where You have placed us, in the life we share with You and with all living things, to be like You and part of You forever. We accept Your Thoughts as ours, and our will is one with Yours eternally. Amen” ~Thank you forever more ~lovedanét

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