Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lesson 337:

My sinlessness protects me from all harm…

Let me see here, sinlessness is the state of the center where the Self resides. The dark concept of harm cannot coexist with invulnerability; which is the natural state of the Son of God….

Once we be come willing to hide nothing, to harbor no thoughts that we would keep private, the belief in harm or vulnerability crumbles in the light of impartiality.

Harm is a concept only valid within the separation-illusion. Without belief in structures and concepts, harm could not exist. The ego’s entire kingdom is pieced together and propped up with the belief structures of scarcity, specialness, attack and harm, producing the illusion of danger and death and attackers and victims, winners and losers …. It’s all smoke and mirrors, easily dispelled when the choice to ‘forgive and see this differently’ takes precedence in value… Then what we see is our unity and oneness, even simultaneously as the bodies eyes see what they are made to see, within we recognize our brother as our Self…

In choosing Atonement for myself, I began to trust without reservation or forgive my reservation as soon a I noticed a sense of loosing connection with my center of peace … I became willing to forget fairness and justice concepts and allow the mystery within and beyond to visit truth’s impartial ‘fairness’ that unites… The letting go of needing to know, to understand and allow, has resulted in an experience of tolerance I never imagined. It’s really a feeling of accepting unconditionally that all things work together for good for all.

Nothing in this world can be done to fix anything dawns easily, although not always recognized or welcome in the beginning, when we accept Atonement and the single goal of truth. This choice seems to hold the energy of inevitability; a sense that what unfolds next has already been tested and true, so to speak…

The Holy Spirit is engaged and brings to life the ongoing gentle waking to the truth where no concepts reside at all. So, what I’m trying to get at here is although details in the dream seem effected, and choices seem to be made, another experience that is ongoing, beyond what seems apparent~ the bigger picture or rest of the story, so to speak.

There is an instant recognition, always; but due to valuing the belief in the reality of sin and you and me, etc., there is no conceptualization for pure life within the structure of the dream, so it seemingly takes time. Yet, the Holy Spirit is the great interpreter and once chosen, has given another way of seeing.

An experience that brings peace and safety and certainty comes quietly but for the single desire for it. I know... In this state of deep awareness within Mind, actions in this world blend with God’s plan for salvation and its accomplishment.

Then this experience of safety and certainty is paid forward, and trusting is easier, which handles rising fears and boosts faith… I see your sinlessness, I see mine.

Like the lesson says: “What must I do to know all this is mine? I must accept Atonement for myself, and nothing more. God has already done all things that need be done. And I must learn I need do nothing of myself, for I need but accept my Self.”

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