Saturday, December 1, 2007

Lesson 336:

Forgiveness lets me know that minds are joined….

What a glorious gift to bring to this worn out diverse reality. Ours for the asking, forgiveness eliminates the need for perception, allowing us to see what is present now; which is the vision of Christ… It is begins with our willingness to close the seeming gap between subject and object, you and me; and to experience the ‘fact’ that minds are joined. As we become increasingly willing to dispel the belief in private thoughts and value only what can be shared, we come to find ourselves within the whole embodiment of the now. It is profoundly unique in experience of this world which exists only in the past. Yet, the brilliant eternal aliveness of the present moment extends into experience of a forgiven past.

Turns out our willingness ‘to see this differently’ is always, in all ways, enough. The Holy Spirit works within the miracle; beyond yet within the construct in which we currently believe of time; past or future. It’s like He hears our prayer for Atonement within our hearts even before we are aware we have prayed it: “let me see my brother as myself”… Oh yeah, ‘the slightest invitation’ and recognition can be called to mind through the Holy Spirit within our Mind… for it has already done.

This life is like a big déja vu, ne’st pas? That feeling of déja vu, is one of the side effects, if you will, becoming progressively more noticeable as forgiveness transforms judgment’s perception as precedence within the mind. Vision takes the place of what the eyes are seeing and serves up meaning from a unified perspective, leaving the body’s eyes to serve the Holy Spirit’s purpose rather than the ‘specifics’ which the split mind is so full of … the details look ever-so the same. Yet, the experience is present, full and unified. It is alive…

This is the blessing of vision that forgiveness gives; here I feel all of me present within all, and specifics line-up…. It is the miracle in effect, and I notice, in a way that it is clear to me, that it all has been done. Fear of future and guilt of past are vague memory elements, yet the memory of Present Love, is Now….This ‘present’ is the alive texture of my day-to-day life … Within it is room to heal the mind; allowing this ‘forgiveness-lesson-drama/re-gathering of Self, with its stresses, and romances and pleasures and pains, of ‘the character I play, seem like some kind of déja vu dream, ~impossible to take too seriously for long.

Our reality is only Spirit and Spirit’s primacy and grace shine on everything. Forgiveness lets me see that you are me, and that there is one Self, the one we share, uniting us with God.

In quiet may forgiveness wipe away my dreams of separation and of sin. Then let me, Father, look within, and find Your promise of my sinlessness is kept; Your Word remains unchanged within my mind, Your Love is still abiding in my heart”.

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