Sunday, December 9, 2007

Lesson 344:

Today I learn the law of love; that what I give my brother is my gift to me….

Isn’t this the constant, facing-up in life? We can’t get away from what we believe we are. We simply project it on to everyone and everything. Through devotion truth as the one and only goal, one begins the gradual dis-identification and detachment from the self-concept and its outer world of projected beliefs. We begin watching its train of events, without attachment or aversion… We recognize the false for what it is~ a transitory state of memory culmination in the Atonement.

Simultaneously, we realize the Self as the changeless, eternal witness…Miracle mindedness reinterprets the succession of circumstances through the eyes of love…

The constant fact I have seen again and again, is that Love is relentless; it will find its way to heal every relationship of any kind~ regardless of what might seeeem to be happening… With a little willingness and still patience, love always shows me that my brother is myself…

With even the slightest willingness to be shown, love sweeps in and reveals the yummy, peaceful perspective of oneness, where no one can lose. Loss is without meaning in our oneness.

Progressively, my awareness of Self has become my home… And beneath the surface of daily life, I notice I am filled with the awesome, presence of Christ light and a feeling of imperturbable joy. The surface forgiveness lessons that look like ‘you’ and ‘me’ and ‘situations of possible scarcity or difference; the antics of specialness and fear, unfold as false~ revealing them as simply beliefs being uncovered, and applied for healing oneness through forgiveness.

The groovy part is that I can no longer really be duped by the antics of the ego dream. I am the dreamer, after all… and somehow, I am always aware of this now. You know what I mean… The light of truth has been turned on, for I have answered to the call of love to complete itself… I deny the denial of truth and I can no longer deny Christ love as One Light allowing for reflection of belief to be seen.

Love is the constant awareness in Mind and makes the task of forgiveness joyous and abundantly alive. We are the Gift of Love to each other… Giving and receiving each other as one, is how we re-member our true identity in God… There is nothing I, for One, would rather be a part of… thank you for your never-ending gifts of love and forgiveness and grace…

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