Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lesson 350:

Miracles mirror God’s eternal Love. To offer them is to remember Him, and through His memory to save the world….

What does it mean to offer miracles? And what are the miracles we offer? Well, not religion sponsored in childhood; not walking on water or raising the dead … It turns out that miracles are merely natural acts of love seeking expression. (Which, by the way, was always, already our natural state, but for the prodigal wool of fantasized separation we pulled over our innocent eyes)

We offer miracles when we life instead of death; Love instead of fear… Miracles are sight cleansing; allowing us to see what is really there… Miracles turn the mind back to Source and we see our brothers as God sees them; loving and forgiving. So our actions reflect the oneness we share, taking direction from within~ regardless of the seeming circumstances…

Offering Miracles is the willingness to see through the constructs of water and death and walking and rising to the love within. It is being willing to see things differently; to trust that regardless of what I might think I see due to my beliefs, somewhere within/amidst the situation, is the one unyielding truth: God’s eternal Love is!

I don’t have to know how I will recognize its presence in any given situation… Love is what we are and it will recognize itself… I but need to want to offer miracle’s in place of all other responses, therefore allowing, Christ’s vision to rest upon all things, which brings to light the “I am as God created me and you are part of me” force of all creation, with in our mind.

Its funny, I started forgiving because, well, frankly, I was a pussy, couldn’t tolerate a lot of discomfort for long. When I saw a possible way out of it, I took it…. (Incidentally, up till I found the Course and therefore forgiveness; with meaning resonated to the core with, my ‘ways out’ always resulted in shame ~yuk)… Anyway, when I saw the falsehood of everything the way I had been looking at it, and experienced the relief of turning the dial to ‘miracles’; through forgiveness.

What rather rapidly began to happen, which I’m sure you can relate to, is that I just could not abide the feeling of holding grievances…. It just feels too icky…

Also, what I found out was that I didn’t have to make it (whatever they or the circumstance was) right in my mind, if I just exercised a little faith in a power greater than myself. If I could suspend my judgment ever so slightly and allow that the Holy Spirit, did know what was right for all~ And quite without reason, peace would come over me and I had a much better view of the big picture. WOW! I felt better immediately.

Not only that, it works virtually every time. I became able to let go and let God so to speak…

Needless to say, when I started this practice, I did it on shoestring faith without any idea that I was offering miracles or that it would be this simple exercise that would restore my faith in you and me and more. I never dreamed the gap I saw between us would begin to close and all the ideas of ‘specialness over oneness’ would meld into the Christ-melding-pot, as God’s eternal Love reality penetrated more and more of my mind.

I never I guessed that I would, as a result of ‘forgiving to feel better’, begin to remember God ~ nor did I foresee that that my insane busy mind would begin to still... That the memory of Him would come softly and terminally… everlastingly ~ that I would have moments of eternity where God’s Love erased all form and space and time; engulfing me (well, the experience of Son of God) in eternity, forever now….

And, that that would restructure my on-going experience with time and space and form…. That I would begin to identify more with the ‘Son of God’ indelible identity within rather than the ‘you/me’ with out…. Maybe, it’s because of the sense of reality, which too, I never dreamed would not seem solid any more as I had always believed. But rather, it has taken on the sense of being more a shadowy overlay mirroring belief…

I see my so-called life like a sort of reoccurring (or ongoing) lucid dream where I am aware, from above the battleground of the stream of events; where I can spot the false and choose the truth, instantly altering my perception and flooding me with love….

No, I wasn’t looking for that by forgiving…. But, it turns out, forgiveness, like lessons 122 and 121 say; offers everything I want and is the key to happiness.

No question, we are remembering God and the world is being saved …

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