Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lesson 346:

Today the peace of God envelops me, and I forget all things except His Love…

Let’s begin with today’s prayer… It is just the sort of prayer that sets the goal of truth where it belongs… NOW:

“Father, we wake today with miracles correcting our perception of all things. And so begins the day we share with You as we will share eternity, for time has stepped aside today. We do not seek the things of time, and so we will not look upon them. What we seek today transcends all laws of time and things perceived in time. We would forget all things except Your Love. We would abide in You, and know no laws except Your law of love. And we would find the peace which You created for Your Son, forgetting all the foolish toys we made as we behold Your glory and our own.”
Ah, eternal PEACE! Couldn’t you just sit in the feeling this lesson brings, forever? Oh, yeah! ... We are.... Now is forever!

It is the nature of the peace of God to envelop all…. So, you see, even when we identify with the ‘me’ within the dream where there are subjects and objects, God’s Love extends to blanket us in peace. This is the truth in actuality, always.

Just stop in your tracks of time at any present moment, turn around on yourself, and be present~ This instant; right here, right now…. aahhh… you can’t miss it~ the peace of God has you surrounded, yes!? Real-izing this fact, is simply a decision as the dreamer for peace now, for the truth and nothing but the truth… It is always within reach. In fact, it is already present. One merely need return the mind to alignment.

Today, we decide for the truth; we accept Love as the only real experience, and the only one we want…. Here alone, can peace be known and brought forward in the dream. Who cares about the details of the dream? Never can we organize them to bring peace.

When I finally realized that ‘not-caring’ was really a very high thought; that the outcome was a sure as Love, I freed myself to be present. And in the present moment, I found my presence is what gave it life…

The funny thing about that is that without the burden of caring, I love deeply, play and laugh, interact, enjoy, get angry and forgive with ease. Because I can be with what is, instead.

Ummm… life’s yummy~ Being in Love with now! Within Now is the forgetting all things except God’s Love…

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