Thursday, January 3, 2008

ACIM lesson 3


I do not understand anything I

I do not understand anything I see… Sooo true. The great relief of my life was coming to the realization that I had been ‘wrong’ ~wrong about everything! My premise for reality was faulty. What a luck break, this realization/awareness. The ‘knowing’ mind is dangerous territory for me. My first responsibility in any given situation is to look squarely at what I think I think and perceive ~and then empty out, inviting the Holy Spirit within my mind to adjust my perspective. Now, I don’t of course; do that always, but more often than not any more. As a matter of fact not doing this and thinking with the compulsory strategic mind no longer feels right~ and the feeling of off-ness then becomes my reminder that I have forgotten to think, but let grandiose egoic identity thoughts have their way with my life force which is just mis-creative thought and the improper use of my natural gifts of creation. Today, I’d like to allow the Holy Spirit mind to show me my real thoughts, the ones I think with God; what they really mean , and what the rest forgiven get incorporated into a forgiven perspective… Let Love reign!!!

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