Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lesson 5:

“I am never upset for the reason I think”... As I have been doing the lesson today, I keep thinking about the passage in the Course text in chapter 24 section 2:1-5, where it says:

"To learn this course requires willingness to question every value that you hold. Not one can be kept hidden and obscure but it will jeopardize your learning. No belief is neutral. For a decision is a conclusion based of everything that you believe."

It seemed like such a tall order when I first started. Yet, it turns out, that my 'little willingness" is enough. All my ideas and beliefs just keep presenting themselves via my brothers, shining before me through the light of Christ within us. And the dark spots of judgment are revealed, innocently laid before me for my forgiveness. My willingness to not have to know what anything is or what it is for, but rather to ask the Holy Spirit to interpret, then I just be still and wait, and beyond what I could ever comprehend, One purpose seems to materialize through my forgiveness of ‘my’ meaning. Ah... what peace... so purely simple...

I am joined with you in the 'one purpose, unified and sure' ~forever and ever~

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