Friday, January 4, 2008

ACIM lesson 4

Lesson 4

”My thoughts do not mean anything”… it goes like this for me… As I am recognizing that my thoughts, thoughts of this so-called 'life of Danét' mean nothing and then, when I allow the Holy Spirit to "think for God, for me" the meaningful becomes apparent. And I begin to see Christ shining behind all thoughts reflected in this seeming life. And I notice the interwoven peace spread like a blanket beneath, and surrounding all seeming things and beings and situations and the glorious perfection that 'all things work together for good', as the course says.

The Course text begins with laying out the 50 principles of A Course In Miracles" and I’m thinking about Principle 36:

Miracles are examples of right thinking, aligning your perceptions with truth as God created it.

The course uses the word “right-mindedness” which means thinking along with the Holy Spirit rather than the ego. And the more this has become a way of life for me, the more I see the absolute simplicity of it. Although the miracle doesn’t directly express the truth of God, it is aligned with it or reflects it. And I can see it in the light within you which I recognize now, is the reason I can see at all. Nothing is without our agreement on one level or another. I see the Christ it you to feel the reality within myself. The truth of God is that we are all one. In this world, we experience the oneness by transcending all the ego barriers of separation: thoughts of anger, hurt, victimization, etc. While true perception is not the truth, it is nonetheless not in conflict with it. These reflections are the goal of the Course as well our One Self for they are the inevitable effect when we undo all the barriers to truth. What I have experienced then happens is that the thoughts I think with God being to sort of think me… umm, umm, umm… guess I’ll just sit in the stillness of this yummy space with you a while… forever now..

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