Monday, January 29, 2007

Seeing what we see with~

Lesson 29:

“God is in everything I see…”

God is everything I see with…

Nothing the body’s eyes, nor the brain’s definition has any meaning or purpose at all…Now, my self-concept has never included being able to bare even the possibility of lack of meaning, or lack of purpose. This has rendered me extremely vulnerable to ‘writing my own meaning’ onto nothingness, then substantiating my case with proofs and then believing those hollow substantiations as fact, while simultaneously forgetting the origin of the ‘meaningful’ idea/concept (denial), and feeling guilty when I didn’t live up to the expectations I perceived the concept required… So I was repeatedly trying over and over to ‘get it right’ (insanity). All the while, not questioning the validity of this thinking; the assumption that it was all real…and worse, critical to my survival. …How ridiculous is insanity, eh?

(The seemingly perpetual re-living of the tiny tick of time)

In Chapter 19 of the text, under the section “Healing and Faith”, it says:

‘Truth and illusion have no connection. This will remain forever true, however much you seek to connect them. But illusions are always connected, as is truth. Each is united, a complete thought system, but totally disconnected to each other. And to perceive this is to recognize where separation is, and where it must be healed. The result of an idea is never separate from its source’. (T-19.I.7)

Thoughts leave not their source…

The course is consistently reminding us that we have but one choice to guide our sight~ We look with the ego or the Holy Spirit (and this is really, no choice at all, it turns out). Further down in chapter 19, when speaking about the Holy Spirit’s touch within, revealing our choice, it says:

“The gratitude you owe to Him He asks but that you receive for Him. And when you look with gentle graciousness upon your brother, you are beholding Him. For you are looking where He and not apart from Him. You cannot see the Holy Spirit, but you can see your brothers truly. And the light in them will show you all that you need to see. When the peace in you has been extended to encompass everyone, the Holy Spirit's function here will be accomplished. What need is there for seeing, then?” (T-19.IV.3)

…God is in everything I see…and therefore I must see with God, through the Holy Spirit within my mind… I want only to see…that is ~to see all purpose in everything… nothing separate, by itself or in itself… the whole basis for vision… unquestionably God is not in a form seen. Yet every thing shares the purpose of the universe. And what shares the purpose of the universe shares the purpose of its Creator. “

Just as the lesson says today:

"We begin to learn how to look on all things with love, appreciation and open-mindedness. You do not see them now. Would you know what is in them? Nothing is as it appears to you. Its holy purpose stands beyond your little range. When vision has shown you the holiness that lights up the world, you will understand today's idea perfectly. And you will not understand how you could ever have found it difficult."

I joyously rejoice in seeing that we are, and we share this holy purpose together~

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