Sunday, February 11, 2007

“God is my strength. Vision is His gift…”

Lesson 42:

“God is my strength. Vision is His gift…”

I am resting in the One Love~ God-Love ~watching… Watching the attempted busyness the little mind seeks to find its safety and strength in… its attempts at the petty judgments about what to do and where to go ~ looking for the ’right’-ness criteria for evaluation. This is how my ego mind tries to keep itself ‘pumped up’, trying to stay ahead of the inevitable deflation and ignorance.

…I no longer really identify with this personality set of ideas. ~forgiveness has replaced them with my Self ~ God’s Son… Indeed, where they were once ‘me’, I now rest above the battleground where God’s strength has accomplished the seemingly impossible ~and I have done nothing but ask for the truth ~ to ‘see what I denied, because it was the truth’ and then made welcome for whatever may seem to come.

Seeing the impossibility of God’s mind being somehow mistaken or something ‘accidentally’ or ‘wrong’, has allowed me to trust that we cannot but be in the right place at the right time “...

Resting in the Moment, Now, I see the ego’s antics~ laughable really~ beneath what looks to be just pathetic… ~Yet, beneath it all, beyond it all, within and without~ is the loveliness that vision shines ~
…And there it is …the simple truth. All strength is mine~ all power of God at the ready; all for all ~ all love equally shared, for all, as all, already… Here is a Silence upon Which the world cannot intrude, a serenity so still and gentle that the whisper of the Holy Spirit is the only thing I hear…. Aahhhh, the yummy tranquility of Heaven… ~this is my Home. Home is where the heart is and where the heart is, there is our treasure also, resting in the Heart of God. My strength is in that treasure of which I am a part which sees with the vision of Christ love.

What but this could I have ever wanted, and only this was what I sought, regardless of the convoluted forms it has taken in my so-called life.

God is my strength. Vision is His gift…

And having glimpsed such a Quiet, who would seek for anything else? It turns out all things do work together for good~ and the world of busyness dissolves into Quiet. The world of distractions ends as unified purpose zeros into a single-pointed awareness. The world of pain and sorrow and sadness and grief turn to joy, and unity and happiness and laughter! …What but the Love of God offers eternal Gifts such as these? Finally we come to accept that these are the only gifts we want and give them freely as they were given us…to keep them…

Why wait…even another moment of so-called time…right now, we sink deep into the mind and open to the truth “God is my strength. Vision is His gift.”…the experience waits for our welcome… "Love waits on welcome, not on time"… and with our welcome we bring Love into our constant awareness… to give ~ to keep~ with eternal love and gratitude ~

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