Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lesson 102:

I share God's Will for happiness for me… And I accept it as my function now…

Sounds simple enough… And truly it is, because it is the truth. If I am not feeling wholly joyous, I am seeing what is not there. This is a merely a call for love and unity which forgiveness answers instantly, the moment it is recognized. What’s painful about that? What is painful is only my desire to remain apart from Self to perpetuate my misbeilef that special-ness can offer me happiness.

If God extended His joy and His Son was the result, and I am His Son, how can I be anything but happy? An extension, unlike it mimicked opposite, projection, is for the purpose of inclusion. God’s love includes all creation and knows not of exclusion. Projection on the other hand, is the defense against this all-inclusiveness. It is the mechanism by which the idea of separation, once perceived, is maintained. What if I looked on you and only saw myself? How long would I maintain my rejection and joylessness then? How quickly would I offer every joyous thought and loving caress for you to feel and join with me in unending embrace and play and freedom? If I don’t separate you from me in my mind and project you over ‘there’, you are part of all that I am.

What if I saw that you held the golden key to the gates of unending happiness, where pain and fear were but silly thoughts disregarded as ridiculous somewhere in an ancient past, hardly a remnant on the crystal mind of perfect happiness and peace, being the effect of the Great Love of the Source that can have no opposite? What if the clear awareness that this precious, golden key belonging to you must be joined with the one I have tucked inside my heart. The deep awareness I seem to have been born with, as you were yours, not knowing its purpose but understanding it’s invaluable worth. What if together we realize that this was the moment we’ve been waiting for all our lives; to see it’s meaning and at last its purpose; exposing all purpose within this one instant when we fit our keys together, and we can enter but together? How long would I deprive my self of the kingdom of eternal happiness, if all of this where so? Wouldn’t my little special, ‘whatever’, that I keep only to ‘myself’ to make sure ‘I get mine’, be joyously exposed for the hollow fraud it is? And wouldn’t I accept this gladly? Ah, yes….

Happiness is ours. Right here, right now. We cannot not have it. Will we continue to answer to the seductive beckoning of the addiction to substitute the quest for pleasure and avoidance of pain when everything we wanted we have merely to receive wholeheartedly? Is a little pleasure this body has to offer worth the price of eternal bliss? Accepting the Atonement for ourselves answers no to all question of the pain/pleasure addiction as well as all other dressed-up, nothingness posers, and answers YES to us, the Son of God, who shares His Will for happiness with Him.

With deepest joy and appreciation I join with you in the one function we have, which we accept joyously, today…. sharing God’s Will for happiness, by seeing you and I are one...

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