Sunday, April 8, 2007

Lesson 99:

Salvation is my only function here….

The dawning of this certainty seeps into the sleeping mind as the acceptance of the Atonement wakes the dreamer of the dream… 0ne looks upon the world with this one thought in mind: “God is still Love, and this is not His Will… Salvation is my only function here.Here’s how it goes
Sit with me for a moment within the peace this single-minded opening brings… Ah, the glorious freedom that comes with wholehearted devotion to this thought. Salvation is my only function here… forgive what ever might come to distract my mind from its only purpose here… that simple, simply that…
As long as any part of us remains to think we are ‘here’, this is the only gig in town… It goes like this: I accept my part in God’s plan for salvation, forgiving every seeming construct that fleshes out a world and that peoples it with self-concepts… Forgiveness and salvation are the same… both being still illusions, since this separated world ~ the impossible~ could never have really occurred ~ but it occurred within the mind that remembered not to laugh at a tiny, passing, crazy idea. This allowed the fantasy of fear to crystallize its presence within the mind for an instant (so miniscule all creation folded over it in love encompassing it within and continuing on its merry way)… Yet a thought, the free mind the Son of God has, regardless what it is, resides with all the power of creation within it, and at the ready for extension. It is the innocent nature of creation to give of itself to complete itself… One glitch in the flow, one resisted, misplaced thought and boom, a world of make believe, contained only within the tiny little fantasy thought universe…
An unreal thought produces an unreal existence. All beliefs and attitudes and particles and waves encapsulated within this idea of a world of usurpation are held together by the time/space construct, which seems to continue along linear lines of past, present and future and here and there, closer and further away. All the ego’s gifts; the promise of Specialness by way of sacrifice, patterns our thinking in habitual, mindless repetitive loops of smallness; seek feeling good ~avoid feeling bad.
For this we accept its conditions gladly: distract, worry, deny, acquire, keep adding to~ more, more, more…We know our so-called ‘selves’ only as a conglomerate of addictive strategies… And we surrender to their dictates; the pleasure/pain negotiations, obsession/compulsion, teaching/ learning, habits… These are the tools that flesh out the reality of what is not, to substantiate it as real and a viable substitute for truth.
One~ is the thought we share with God, the unity of all creation with the completion of love. This lesson gives us terms to work with while we remain identified as within this framework where both truth and illusion seem to exist…
Salvation and forgiveness; these are our guidepost terms, as the lesson states: “Thus do both terms imply a thing impossible but yet which has occurred, resulting in a state of conflict seen between what is and what could never be… Truth and illusions both are equal now, for both have happened. The impossible becomes the thing you need forgiveness for, salvation from. Salvation now becomes the borderland between the truth and the illusion. It reflects the truth because it is the means by which you can escape illusions. Yet it is not yet the truth because it undoes what was never done.”
Of Course, God placed the reconciliation of the irreconcilable within the flow of spirit that that could not be interrupted… We call this the Holy Spirit, and we feel it as the deep, familiar Love of our Creator, speaking, guiding from this place deep within… listen
His is the vision to look upon illusion, see the false as false, requesting truth reveal itself and see only love reflected there. And everything is re-ordered and transformed before our very eyes, into a device for its accomplishment. This is God’s plan for salvation for which we are a part. It is the meeting place where earth and Heaven can be reconciled within a mind where both of them have seemingly taken residency.
We need only follow where the reasoning served up in the lesson’s questioning leads us … “What joins the separated mind and thoughts with Mind and Thought which are forever One? What plan could hold the truth inviolate, yet recognize the need illusions bring, and offer means by which they are undone without attack and with no touch of pain? What but a Thought of God could be this plan, by which the never done is overlooked, and sins forgotten which were never real?” Reason tells us this must be so and loosens us up for our acceptance of our only function to be realized as “the way”… We need but listen to the voice for God that speaks of only this…
He gently uses our experience of ‘conflict constructs’ and shows the contrast between our experience in illusion, and the truth reflected here which is accompanied by deep, abiding joy and peace …“The Holy Spirit holds this plan of God exactly as it was received of Him within the Mind of God and in your own. It is apart from time in that its Source is timeless. Yet it operates in time, because of your belief that time is real. Unshaken does the Holy Spirit look on what you see… Yet does He know one thing must still be true; God is still Love, and this is not His Will.” We are free, now, to fulfill our function through the Holy Spirit and experience our Holiness as the Son, which God created as Himself.
This has now become our mantra of love while waking to and from the dream: God is still Love, and this is not his Will… He has a plan, of which I am an essential part… I joyously I accept my part that it is my special function to fulfill…I will forgive and see this differently… I forgive and this will disappear… Salvation and forgiveness are the same… Salvation is my only function here… resulting in the peace of God’.
Not a half bad gig, if you ask me! Indeed, it has given me and continues to give me, everything I need. Within, it reconciles everything I every thought I ever had need of, resolving all pain and fear associated with the conflicted mind with the simple, all encompassing Love thought and the peace of God in a boundless experience of eternity, paid forward to NOW… One simply asks and it is given~ what is my Father’s Will for me? I want to know… and boom! Everything for nothing at my fingertips…
And within, it feels like fireworks of gratitude and love in constant celebration of God ~so glorious is He and all creation… I Love it! I love you. And I am humbled by the joy it turns me into… ~Thanks for joining me here, now, forever in Love~

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oh,boundlesssalvation for you and for me!