Saturday, May 5, 2007

Lesson 126:
All that I give is given to myself…
You know, the more we accept and participate with the Holy Spirit’s guidance and the Course’s theosophy and practice, the more this idea realizes itself in our lives. The old thing about what goes around come around, becomes less about the actions taken, or the things given or received, or even attitudes given and received… (although, these are critical observations and forgiveness opportunities).
What began to unravel for me, intrinsic within these forgiveness structures, and rising to the surface of my mind, as it stilled and cleared, was the witness to who I think I am and what I want to be. Every person, situation, circumstance and encounter, started to have my face on it, so to speak.
~How I saw you, I noticed unreservedly, literally reflected my state of mind… When I identified myself as: body-girl, player in the so-called world at large, I felt literally out of touch with myself. No wonder I felt powerless, and that I had to add something or hide something or get something; that something ~more and/or better-than was needed. Interspersed within this perpspective, is the whole idea that someone must lose. Duh! The loss of Self, the sacrifice of love for fear, eternity for time, oneness for specialness… And of course, every situation and person reflected this sense of ‘some one must lose for someone to gain’…
The miracle was, I began to not have to ‘do’ anything about it; fix it, get myself right… Because I was developing the habit of engaging the Holy Spirit regularly, and specifically when the way I felt wasn’t bringing me peace, I saw that I wasn’t at peace because I had misidentified myself.
One thing about this ego-body: it takes to forming and maintaining habits, yes? (Finally, there was a way to utilize these mechanics for something other than destruction, which seemed to be the twisted gear in my old plan.)
The Holy Spirit takes what I give and shows me what it’s meaning is for all ( in other words, how you are me). Through the gentle prompting of the Holy Spirit, I began to also recognize my Self-identity in God, behind the attitudes that flavored the seeming various days of my so-called life.
Christ seems to be reflected everywhere, in everyone. No one can lose ~ every ONE is… the circle of Atonement is in effect and everyone is giving and receiving as one… calling for love~ extending love ~ calling ~ extending ~loving… all under the watchful eyes of Christ in which we share our sight… God’s plan for salvation is contingent (to us) on the reconciliation of the idea we hold in our minds today: All that I give is given to myself…Through this thought reversal aspect that the Course’s curriculum brings about, and we begin to experience its effects in everything we see reflected in the world.
It comes naturally into the mind as it releases the idea of getting, allowing being and having a to occupy their rightful place in the mind…
It is a crucial step to begin understanding what a major idol, addiction and plain undercover/covert operation the ‘idea of special ness’ is. It weaves its promising threads into every possible nuance of our so-called lives, because it is the idea from which this life was made… its reversal is this thought: “All that I give is given to myself. The Help I need to learn that this is true is with me now. And I will trust in Him…”
I love you forever an ever as One ~

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