Monday, June 4, 2007

Lesson 156:

I walk with God in perfect holiness…

Who walks with me? The lesson suggests that this question should be asked a thousand times a day until certainty has ended doubting and established peace….

I know for sure that this is an effective exercise. One of the earlier rounds of my going through the daily lessons, I was so struck with the simplicity of: ‘ask and ye shall receive’, that I wrote “who walks with me” on the back of both my hands, reminding me constantly throughout the day that I only had one question. And, I wanted only the answer that felt the way reading today’s lesson made me feel: namely Holy; certain, enough, innocent, a marked absence of self-necessity replaced with a sense of oneness so complete…. Love… The feeling was fleeting yet unmistakable. And I knew for sure that it was my true feeling.

I went about my regular day with the ‘who walks with me’, constant question on my lips, in my mind and heart. The body did its thing; tasks and all, but those specific details slipped to the background of my intent. Who walks with me? I ask a thousand times and then a thousand times more and the only thing that seemed certain in my day, was that nothing mattered but allowing myself to receive/remember my oneness in Him.

The certainty that I do not walk alone, but that something much larger walks with me began to carry my question. There came a sense that I was one with that hugeness and that within it was my safety and security and not within the seeming necessities of my so-called life… Peace began to fill my being, beyond the petty details and actions and emotions that seemed to fill the screen, I felt my Self beyond, undisturbed.

Who walks with me?

I walk with God in perfect holiness. I light the world; I light my mind and all the minds which God created one with me.

That day was so powerful for me; I often referenced this lesson to share with others in hopes that they might taste the experience of holiness that I had received.

What I love now is that I have learned to step back and let the light in me encompass the world in a lightened perspective; where laughing at the ego’s absurdity is always at the ready and as natural now as fear of future used to be. I know who walks with me, and that you and I are one.

We walk with God in perfect holiness….


Anonymous said...

I love reading these writingseach and every day. What a wonderfl wayof looking at things!

danét said...

ummmm thank you for joining me. I love showing up to inspiration's writing them through me. I am truly blessed