Thursday, June 7, 2007

Lesson 159:

I give the miracles I have received….

The miracle I have received through accepting the Atonement for my Self is Christ’s vision. With it comes a certainty that I do not see alone. I see only with the mind I share with God, which gives all meaning for the body’s eyes to deliver back to Source in gratitude. Giving the miracles I have received is all I am interested in any more, truly. It changes the mundane to the fascinating, the weak to the strong, and the lost to home in the united body of the Son of God… All glory to God…

Christ’s vision sees with the magnanimous feeling of eternal love and peace and oneness, not really the eyes at all. They but merely answer to the requests of the mind. The acceptance of the miracle sets our minds aright through the Holy Spirit. When we accept miracle-mindedness, we have eyes to see… The eyes look upon the world yet what they see is given meaning from beyond. Our acceptance of miracles is our access to the vast eternal treasure house of ways to share Heaven’s meaning here on earth. This is how Christ’s vision is the bridge between the worlds. From this eternal storehouse creation’s gifts go out but to complete themselves; returning expanded and united.

Forgiveness grounds us firmly in Christ’s vision allowing us to see no one as having interests separate from our own. We see the ultimate instead of the strategic. And ultimately we all but seek our Self in God. Having received His charity we gladly offer our forgiveness of whatever seems to cross the field of our so-called lives to unite with them in the completion giving and receiving bring… This is the circle of Atonement.

You know something I just love about doing these commentaries? I am so immersed in the endless oneness beyond that joins us in this world, and I feel so completely in love with all of you, my brothers, who are one with me. In holy gratitude I give the miracles I have received….

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