Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lesson 194:

I place the future in the Hands of God…

When I came to this lesson with an mind and heart, where I no longer cared to ‘understand’ what it meant with my strategic mind, I noticed in the core of my being the response to this was: “Whew, take it off my hands, p l e a s e. . . I am no longer interested.”

Now this brings me to discuss this topic from a miracle-received place. And if I were to describe, in worldly terms, a statement that encapsulates the freedom and ease that has come to me as a result of placing my future in the Hands of God’, it would be that, ‘ I don’t really care’. I don’t. It’s as simple as that. The truth is, I haven’t really cared for a long time. Scratch that~ ever! I don’t care what the future brings. I’m never going to see it.

I am interested in my happiness, right here, right now.

Truthfully, it’s the only thing I’m capable of…this present moment, always.

Every manner of twisted, so-called self-sacrificing, self-depreciating, other-focused, self-focused, acting out of beliefs, no matter how convoluted they may seem to a semi-sane mind; when it gets down to it, some place, somehow, I signed-on to a belief that x-amount of x was necessary for happiness. I acted out of the belief in scarcity and that the rights to happiness were earned through hard work, sacrifice, guilt and worry. Or, I stole moments of fabricated relief and called them, happy- times, knowing the fraudulency of my actions; justifying and attempting to rationalize legitimately, dodging the bullet at every turn… and so on. All to be happy, now.

You know, bottom-line, all the twisting and turning, I fondly refer to as my so-called life, find its roots in one belief: that I am a separate being, existing in a world of time and space. Now, with this kind of lonely start, add a list of all possible defenses and offense maneuvers for survival as necessary components. And it all plays out as a grand competition with God for control. ~ arrh, the compulsion to feel in control~ As if…

Well, anyway, it sounds ridiculous when I try to talk about it now…

I place the future in the Hands of God…

I, through the Holy Spirit within my mind, and the course’s suggestion, am developing the habit of engaging with God in acceptance of my identity in Him as a way of dealing with the time-construct. I choose being present, now, in the place of the self-identity, past-future construct. And when I loose my way and real-ize a particular ‘care’, it is easily seen differently when given over to the lens of forgiveness… I love the way it works, I am never without the deep abiding joy that comes with placing the future in God’s Hands… I can so relate to this lesson and feel the workings of transformation taking place within;

E.g. from today’s lesson:

“Accept today’s idea, and you have passed all anxiety, all pits of hell, all blackness of depression, thoughts of sin, and devastation brought about by guilt. Accept today’s idea, and you have released the world from all imprisonment by loosening the heavy chains that locked the door to freedom on it. You are saved, and your salvation thus becomes the gift you give the world, because you have received.

In no one instant is depression felt, or pain experienced or loss perceived. In no one instant sorrow can be set upon a throne, and worshipped faithfully. In no one instant can one even die. And so each instant given unto God in passing, with the next one given Him already, is a time of your release from sadness, pain and even death itself.”

I am no longer deceiving myself that the nothingness of unreality holds anything I want. The rest it just breaking the bad habits that were once coping mechanisms, through forgiving the false and accepting that only the truth is true.

Thank you for joining me as we still a our minds an instant, letting this moment tell as what I time is. We find the inevitability of God, eternally, always, already, now…

And as we begin our day,we go with this surety:

“For in God’s Hands we rest untroubled, sure that only good can come to us. If we forget, we will be gently reassured. If we accept an unforgiving thought, it will be soon replaced by love’s reflection. And if we are tempted to attack, we will appeal to Him Who guards our rest to make the choice for us that leaves temptation far behind. No longer is the world our enemy, for we have chosen that we be its friend”...

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