Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lesson 196:

It can be but myself I crucify…

Eventually we all come to this. Every unloving act of defense against any one, but weakens the whole. It feels awful. It only worked on for the ignorant. And we are no longer wholly insane. Winning over in a situation or ‘being on top’ in the dream of the world are but shallow and empty. For we have experienced the seat of joy, which resides within the wholeness that we are as one. No part will due. In this, we always see ourselves in every interaction. And although the ego throws out every manner of temptation to value for ‘me and mine’, and to protect and defend, we can not longer be sufficiently seduced; seeing through the flimsy dressing of the egos game of enemies and competition seemingly before or around us, or potentially coming, and we zero in on the light within each nuance allowing forgiveness and gratitude to do their work.

It is always a decision based on what I want to believe; the truth or illusion. For in truth there is no separation between you and me. We are but the out-picturing of 0ne-mind. If I choose the thought of crucifixion and any form, that is ultimately the only experience I get out of it. All manner of defense and justification and explanation must be employed to substantiate a thought system so unnatural, that only distraction and slight of hand can work, and only on those who really want to believe. Yet, when I choose the thought of resurrection; of life and love, I am instantly tuned to the truth of what I am. Truth needs no defense. It is.

Let us today look about us, and ‘pull the covers’ on every situation we once perceive as ‘unfair’, looking straight through it to the light within and see it is but our belief looping back unto our self. Let us allow the devotion that brought us this far, bring us even further today, showing us how forgiveness resurrects our brother and our self in all situations, once designated (by our belief in them) to crucify, bring but the gift of joy and oneness….

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