Monday, August 27, 2007

Lesson 240:

Fear is not justified in any form…

Fear a funny thing. It is always, only about the perceived future. It is a distraction mechanism from present being

As I have come to recognize myself as the silent impartial witness of my ego mind, I am no longer its puppet. Because I am able to look at what goes on in mind; images, thoughts, beliefs, tendencies, I am not looking through them to view the world. And I am aware of a few undeniable facts. Fear is a fantasy.

When, through choosing truth as the only goal, stepping back in mind to watch, one naturally begins to detach from body-mind identification. When we’re able to watch the play of mind from the witness perspective, it becomes clear that fear is, as the lessons states, deception.

Ego dynamics are all about keeping the belief in its reality in the reality position in the mind. It’s a game of hide-n-seek; keeping ones awareness in bed with the past through guilty fear, while buying it off at the same time with promises of future redemption and happiness.

Now, here’s the thing, the very fact that we can be aware that we are feeling fear and we question it, throws us out of the feelings of fear, and into the present moment. And in the immediacy of present moment awareness, there is a certainty of being. And that certainty of being was actually behind the questioning, yes?This being is the certainty of God... It is the certainty of life itself. It is the eternal certainty which we are never without. It is Love.

Relief and gratitude replace fear, as, from our resting place as the witness, we see that not one single thing we ever thought about this world was true. We have slipped beyond, above the battleground, and we are can truly say:

Fear is not justified in any form…

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