Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lesson 243:

Today, I will judge nothing that occurs…

Isn’t judgment, when it boils down to it, merely the refusal to see outside the boundary one has drawn around the I-self of the personal world; to give up the throne of ‘being right’ and justified in our wrongful misery?

Today’s lesson asks us to get honest with ourselves. Isn’t it true that we have been wrong about virtually every interpretation we have made or bought in to and made ours? And furthermore, haven’t those very interpretations been the very thing that ended up bringing us the very pain we thought we were trying to avoid? I mean, if we’re really being honest here… It’s spectacular that we could have such a love affair with our “right to be right and miserable” in the mist of our blatant failure at happiness… In fact, isn’t this very mechanism, judgment, that, finally, through its utter hopelessness, we found ourselves throwing our hands in the air and dropping to our knees in downright defeat, barely eking out that prayer of hope we’re all familiar with: “Please, there has got to be another way! I want it now”, that brought us to attract this Course into our lives in the first place. Which actually began our happiness by way of forgiving all we thought we were before this moment?

I mean, on the most basic level, reason speaks so loudly of our inadequacy to see the big picture, that, at this stage of the curriculum, it is relatively easy to see the importance of today’s lesson; one simple day, completely removing the self-fenced-off-from-the-One, from the equation…

We’re capable of this now; in this present moment, to be only with what actually IS, absent of interpretation. We will be given what we need… each moment is already alive with fullness.

The reason we fail to be aware of it is because of our attachment to the time/space belief as a reality. But haven’t we seen its subjectivity in all our investigations of the body-mind thoughts system, at every turn? The past resides only within memory, which is selective and distorted at best, and cannot ever be adequately investigated in present awareness. We can’t actually experience the past, because when we attempt to, it is only in the now in which we experience a present awareness of a memory. And haven’t we seen that what compels us to the future, is more of the same, resulting from lessons learned; attachments and aversions, based on the stored past memory? How can we continue to give it credence, let alone judge and plan our lives from it?

Leave judgment to the Self (Holy Spirit) who knows… Leave it to the unknowing fullness we experience in awareness during full surrender of the fenced off self… Isn’t it enough?

I love how the lesson puts it: “today, we leave creation free to be itself’…

Today, we will judge nothing that occurs

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