Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Lesson 249:

Ah, but to look exclusively upon a world freed from the bonds of falsehood, and reflecting but what remains; the pure, radiant, innocence of the ever fresh now… Yes! This is the world seen by the one whom has taken hold of the divining rod of the Holy Spirit and fearlessly (well, at least courageously) looked within; past and through the dark shadows of mistaken beliefs, touching each one to the touchstone of eternity for its authenticity, and accepting the findings. We find that the once solid structure of the world of pain and suffering and loss crumbles in the light the new and single perception of a unified purpose.

Here is the world looked out upon when one recognizes that they are the perceiver and not the perceived; the dreamer and not the dream… FREE!

Surrendering to forgiveness; giving over everything we ever thought was real to the Holy Spirit for translation into the mighty oneness of truth, we have accepted that we, indeed, denied the truth of what we are~ but no more.

Today we will be only as God created us to be and the world that rises up before and around us must reflect this Self we share with God, which is creation itself… and so, render a world where only Love and its reflections can be seen.

We might not have as solid fix on our true identity as yet (a residual desire from believing in the false), but we have a knowing more true to us than the symbols of this world can articulate… We are now present with the one relationship; our relationship with our Creator, allowing us to reflect this relationship in our relationship with all our perceptions….

As the lesson states: Forgiveness paints a picture of a world where suffering is over, loss becomes impossible and anger makes no sense. Attack is gone, and madness has an end. What suffering is now conceivable? What loss can be sustained? The world becomes a place of joy, abundance, charity and endless giving. It is now so like to Heaven that it quickly is transformed into the light that it reflects. And so the journey which the Son of God began has ended in the light from which he came.

How beautiful is that…

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