Saturday, September 8, 2007

Lesson 252:

The Son of God is my Identity…

This series of lessons are just so simply, profoundly obvious in their representation of our state of being; always, already.

The Son of God is my Identity…

“Father, You know my true Identity. Reveal It now to me who am Your Son, that I may waken to the truth in You, and know that Heaven is restored to me.”

The one thing we always already are, whether we are focusing our attention elsewhere (like the false) or not, is the Son of God. And the one thing we can never be without is….awareness, yes? Can you think of a time in which some part of you is not aware? This awareness is the Son of God… Spirit itself. We all have basic awareness, we come that way. And it is this basic awareness in the form of the ability to witness whatever arises, that is the Son of God, breathing the animation of our so-called lives. So too, the Son of God is all that can be witnessed… Behind the shadows of falsehood, and directly in to the light beyond, seen with and through, is the Son of God that we are, aware and alive. We can’t miss it… Can we even imagine a state where awareness is not? No, because we would still be aware of imagining it… and that would witness to the Son of God, all over again.

Furthermore, there are not two different types of son’s; holy and unholy. There is but One Son and it is us… and in actuality, we always, already are aware of this…. Any attempt to get it, is redundant, and frankly, totally beside the point. We merely quit resisting what we know is true.

Mistaken identity was but a dream dreamed by the Son of God without tampering with our Identity at all… And this Identity, exactly and precisely as it is, without correction or modification at all, is itself Spirit… And, since there is nowhere Spirit is not, there is nowhere in eternity where we are not the Son of God.

The purpose then of these lesson’s guidance is to bring our attention to full and present recognition of our Identity; our true face as the Son of God that we always, already are… And as so, we can begin to recognize the already present awareness of Spirit, and in turn recognize the Self, and abide as that.

The entire world is but a mere reflection of the Self and seen from our Identity as the Son of God which we are, the life we live and world around us is a beautiful place indeed… Heaven: restored to present awareness…

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