Monday, March 12, 2007

Lesson 71~ contemplationshare~

Lesson 71:

Only God's plan for salvation will work
I want no other and I have no other Finally, I can honestly say this is the only truth for me. Each day and moment and holy instant within each moment I sing the prayer of gratitude for this one truth The words of the prayer offered in this lesson, “What would you have me do? Where would you have me go? What would you have me say and to whom?” have been literally a beacon of light directing me back to mind where hearing the voice for God could be available for my guidance. Often, it has been the only memory that I knew of ‘another way’, somewhere, somehow, even if I couldn’t comprehend it at the time, being too thickly immersed in ‘Danét-ness’. It has never failed me. Results have been proportionate to how sincere I have been in wanting ONLY God’s plan for salvation and nothing I had designated to make me ‘feel better at the time’. Salvation is NOW, it has already been accomplished and all seeming ‘time it takes’ to return to the memory of Him, turns out to be my lack of sincerity, how invested I am in my competition game with God. So often I have used the ‘holy spirit’ concept for my ‘feel-better-so-I-can-control-better’ plan for salvation. Of course, I wasn’t in touch with it at the time, given that the purpose for the game is to render one mindless, and as the Course says, “no goal survives its purpose.” Promisingly, gratefully, this hasn’t mattered dittly to God’s plan for salvation with the Holy Spirit as the medium for bringing me back to it. The slightest instant of pure willingness on my part, and there, big as life, holding mine, has been the miracle. And with it all I once perceived shown before me, washed with the brilliant light of Christ. The miracle waits on willingness not on time. And the Holy Spirit is always at-the-ready for the slightest invitation to fulfill His part in the glorious plan of Atonement. It’s hilarious (I used to think ‘tragic, here) how obvious this is, once you see it for what it is “ONLY GOD’S PLAN WORKS”, only God’s plan brings peace and happiness~ NOW, it’s like duh! And, yet we persist in the seek-and-do-not-find game of winning over God as if
That’s the hilarious part! What could be real about that? I’m too cracked up
every silly (seemingly serious) problem I have dummied up, when followed back to its logical conclusion, finds itself and me in the big cosmic belly laughI just can’t take it seriously Now there’s a miracle, coming from “miss “we gotta take this shit seriously” Love too, waits on welcome, not on time... Forgiveness is all there is left to allow the Holy Spirit to do for us through the miracle of Atonement, my little part is my willingness to have my mind returned and my thinking reversed which allows all things to be seen in the light of forgiveness my part is to have faith a little while till my resistance is being dissolved my part is to trust my brothers are doing their part perfectly and the One Who Knows is orchestrating and actually accomplishing it ‘i’ need do nothing, except to chanellize all my efforts into not interfering. (And to be honest, that’s pretty much a full time job) Only God’s plan for salvation will work it is at workright hereright now can’t you just feel the peace that comes with this acknowledgement
“The Song of Prayer” says that the secret of true prayer is to forget the things you think you need and gift yourself over to the Holy Spirit
and here in this lesson is a template for that application in our so-called lives, again:
“What would you have me doWhere would you have me goWhat would you have me say and to whom?
and off we go down the yellow brick rode together, as it folds back into nothing behind us through our forgiveness, hand in hand, through the ark of peace and the recognition of Heaven right hereright now united in purpose ONE SON: CHRIST my love for you has burst me from my seems and I sing the chorus of eternal gratitude ...

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