Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lesson 79~ contemplationshare~

Lesson 79:
Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved….
The problem is in the mind that believed it could be separate from its Source, i.e. ‘We think we’re separate from God”. The answer is in the return to Mind, to the remembrance of Who we are: Christ; the holy Son of God, that could not be but what His heritage is… ONE PROBLEM… ONE SOLUTION.
This is too simple for the ego to control in the moment of instantaneous recognition. So keeping one from recognition is essential for ego control. And, awareness of it is of such crucial importance, that the ego will do anything to keep the mind from bringing the problem and resolution together, as keeping these separate (problem and solution) is necessary for its survival, because once brought together, the reality of its having already been solved becomes obvious, and the mind becomes free from the mindless seeking and analyzing intrinsic in the ego thought system… “Seek and do not find”… This is the ego’s secret creed designed to keep the mind too busy with ‘critical, important, life choices, how-to’s, must do’s, rules and regulations, with statistics to consider and probable consequences and rewards, all to be weighed with every choice. And then there’s time; will there be enough, do it now or miss the window…all situations; that if the problem is not focused on, might mean loss, disappointment, even possibly disaster.
Some might say that that is just the way life is, but I would say (from personal experience) that it is the dance of death. It is a slow meting out of life force, rendering one exhausted and looking for any kind of break (once the vital stuff is handled, of course), a brief escape, (perhaps a drink or two, a new romance, a weekend vacation…), futility is death.
Talk about the problem and the solution being found in the same place… Throughout this drama of a so-called life, there is a nagging feeling (what Morpheous in The Matrix referred to as a splinter in your mind) that something is off, something just isn’t right about this life of stealing time and paying for it with guilt and blaming something outside yourself to alleviate the pain intrinsic in guilt, to restore a semblance of innocence to the mind before it goes completely mad…only to repeat the cycle again another day…
There must be a reason we desperately ‘need’ to feel blameless~ released from incrimination~ innocent. Could it be, because, WE ARE! An error is not a sin, regardless of the mass hallucination surrounding it. There is no sin, and only one error...
The Course teaches that there are many answers we have received but have not heard. The solution cannot be accepted until the problem is accurately recognized as being in the mind. This lesson invites us into the first step in releasing the ego temptation to analyze the situation or the appearance and to allow the Holy Spirit to remind us that every problem is a perceptual problem. The course refers to this as ‘looking through the darkened glass, and perceiving a distorted world’. It is a problem with the lens of the projector, which is in the mind, which is where all perception comes from. Projection makes perception. Here’s where the ego really takes over. It gives substantiation to the projection’s validity by telling us,” I’ll take it from here and we’ll figure this out together. Come down here with me and look at the happenings on the screen, get the details right...”
What the miracle does is to allow us to observe this happening in our mind and prompts us to give it over to the Holy Spirit to change the lens. And this formula is good for whatever the problem seems to be in form, until the reassignment of perception is whole. We turn it over to the Holy Spirit, lean back into the easy chair of peace and trust… Trust would settle every problem Now, the Course tells us. This, sometimes this alone has been a true companion for me through the undoing of my identification with “danét”, and the recognition of my identity in God… When all else fails (as all else inevitably will), trust the Holy Spirit to know the true source of the problem and the true source to its answer… Ahh, the peace that comes with this surrender…
This is how I can devote each day to miracles, which means I attempt to approach each situation with the humble awareness that ‘I truly ‘do not know what anything means or what it is for~ but, He does. I’ll leave it to Him Whose role it is to complete the plan of Atonement. And this, in turn, increases my ability to trust. With trust and the evidence of the Holy Spirit~ miracles~ I am no longer afraid to look squarely on the obstacles to Love’s presence... I can approach Truth by being willing to recognize what is false, first.
The course says, “The more you look at fear, the less you see of it.” This has been true for me; it was really all one big boogieman. This is the gift of the Atonement plan; through forgiveness, we identify the problem as the belief in the ego, or separation, which is in the mind, which pulls all projections back to where the solution is. At this point we are ready to look with the Holy Spirit beyond the error entirely… the error is exposed as exactly where it is and what it is in the mind, the error is released~ This is the process of forgiveness and the return to sanity. First we withdraw the projections, then giving all attack thoughts over to the Holy Spirit…
Atonement is answering Yes (that’s, not no) to the last unanswered question; “Do I want to see what I denied because it is the truth?” For me the answer is truly unequivocally ‘YES’! And within this answer I have found that all questions are answered~ leaving me in the still, quiet witness and awareness of our ‘true identity’ as Christ.
It’s easy to see from this clear spacious mind ~ the one decision I must make… I accept the Atonement for myself (which turns out to include us all as ONE). I know this is the one irreversible decision. It means I allow oneness to replace separation, being as the Atonement is the correction to the belief in separation~ that silly little mad idea…The problem in the mind and the Correction have been brought together, and only the correction remains. Illusion has been brought to truth, and the Atonement lights The Truth: Love is real and has no opposite.
So we join together in this prayer; Let us recognize the problem so we can let it be solved and realize… Nothing real can be threatened ~ nothing unreal exists… Hear in lies the Peace of God… and there we are… foreverone~

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