Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lesson 83~mussings~

Lesson 83:
My only function is the one God gave me… means I cannot have conflicting goals. When first looking at these ideas; on this particular topic, I thought, “Is there such a thing as no conflict, is it possible?" I didn't see how. Within this so-called life, all goals conflict with something: if I want this, I can’t have this as well, at least at the same time, or I must sacrifice effort and time, etc. to accomplish the goal. Is there any goal of this world that isn’t set up this way? As long as choices are many and about form… where ‘world' trade is one of sacrifice for specialness~ conflict is inevitable.
However, the correction to all conflict has already been accomplished and the Holy Spirit within my mind holds the memory of this correction. Forgiveness is the function God has given me~ the mechanism by which I let go all judgment, and allow all differences to dissolve into the One purpose. This purpose has shown me that God’s plan is that, truly, all things do work together for good… With one purpose only, I am always certain what to do, what to say and what to think. All doubt disappears as I acknowledge that my only function is the one God gave me.
I remember thinking, “I can’t imagine what it would be like to not use doubt to organize my life... and doubt and guilt and fear go hand in hand. And man, the crucial judgment and control necessary to stay one step ahead of, or seemingly ‘avoid’ that awful feeling of defeat inherent (and inevitable) in the concept doubt~ Such a major ingredient in unhappiness, yes? … My happiness and my function are one…the lesson says. Good to know where the solution is, eh? Now, I don’t know about you, but doubt was pretty much the inevitable course of my so-called life, regardless of the seeming successes. It was a primary block to happiness for me. Doubting myself, my choices: their results, doubting others: their trustworthiness, validity, rightness for me… Doubt is truly a prison of fear: worry and regret. Horrible. ~Funny, calling this up~ It's like recalling a movie I long since put out of my mind. Yet, I notice it’s there for the asking, but almost a distant feeling-memory now…

Yes, you see, it is true for me, that trust does handle every situation, now… And it feels so much better too…
To be freed from the prison of doubt… well, that release alone, feels like happiness… It was a leap of faith, taken on faith, for me ~ to trust that my only function is the one God gave me ~ that the Holy Spirit within my mind will guide my every step, along with everyone else’s… and that perhaps, truly my happiness and function are one.
Ah, what a glorious leap that is… not really frightening at all it turns out in actuality (only anticipation frightens).
It is an unmistakable feeling of peace that comes when my will is freed to be as it is in truth~ God’s Will…
God gave Himself ~which is everything of which all is a part and yet the whole, I am so humbled before the realization of this glorious oneness~ I want only to give, in response to the abundant gratitude I feel~ and I give the only thing I have to give ~myself… Hey, this makes me think of that piece at the end of the section in the text called “The Holy Encounter”… Here it is:
“Power and glory belong to God alone. So do you. God gives whatever belongs to Him because He gives of Himself, and everything belongs to Him. Giving of yourself is the function He gave you. Fulfilling it perfectly will let you remember what you of Him, and by this you will remember also what you in Him. You cannot be powerless to do this, because this is your power. Glory is God's gift to you, because that is what He is. See this glory everywhere to remember what you are”. (T-8.III.8)
...There really is nothing to fear or worry about or plan or anything, it has all already been done… we lean back and let Him lead the way while we remember …I thank you for joining in this return together as one… All Glory to God ~

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