Friday, March 23, 2007

~Lesson 82 ~musings

Lesson 82:
The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness… Let me not forget my function…
I have learned one thing, “If I’m not joyously experiencing LOVE~ permanent, inclusive, penetrating love ~ it’s a forgiveness lesson. ~My role is always the same, to light the world through forgiving it. Where there is even the slightest shadowy obstruction to the experience of love’s awareness~ I am seeing the false. My function is to forgive. Forgiveness is the looking, with the Holy Spirit, beyond the seeming obstruction, to the truth where love remains untouched. My part is to make the one decision for correction (I accept the Atonement for myself) and the Holy Spirit does the rest. Heaven is the decision I must make as long as I believe in decisions, ~ all I need to know is that ‘above all else, I want the truth’ ~ this is the switchover from wrong-minded perception to right-minded perception, and the Holy Spirit is already there within my mind, fulfilling the function of the Atonement, awaiting my slightest invitation to reveal the truth within the light of Who I am.

This one thing I have learned, THERE IS ONLY LOVE; and while we still dream a mind that split, we recognize this fact as LOVE and the CALL FOR LOVE… the answer and the call are really one in the same…'The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness’…
I have heard the call to return my mind to God ~ the great ‘wake-up call’… I have answered…

Yes!, is all I can say now… Forgiveness is the function given me to discern the false and allow the Holy Spirit to correct all misperceptions in the light of truth. It is the gentle prompting to reality by the Holy Spirit. It corresponds to my little willingness to ‘let all things be exactly as they are’, and the opening of my eyes to the light within; just a blink really, and looking again I see only Christ, everywhere in everyone and everything, lit by this One Light… So simple really: my function of forgiveness brings peace to every mind because my presence shines the light of love on all creation. When this is not pure, I have forgotten who I am, which is a call for love. I see this call reflected around me as people and situations, etc., and I can see it because you are Christ, doing your part….
The recognition of this has not only been life changing, in the sense, that waking began, but actually, the prevailing experience of light infiltrating and expanding, filling every darkened place, dissolving definition and leaving in its place, peace and certainty and joy… it’s an experience of re-formatting, behind the scenes of my so-called life… Tada! Miracle!
Today, right now, let me remember … What do I want? Do I want to know the truth? Do I want to see what I denied because it is the truth? When the answer is YES~ Love or fear: translates to Love or the call for Love.
Can I do just this one thing? Let I not forget my function… that I may bring peace to every mind through my forgiveness… Unequivocally Yes! And simply showers of love and gratitude, on and on ~

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