Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lesson 108:

To give and to receive are one in truth….

This is such a powerful and simple lesson. It speaks to the sanest part of our mind and appeals to what we all really know inside… We are having the experience we are putting out… Is there anyone that isn’t aware of this on some level? We are always giving attributes and attitudes and interpretations based on what we want to experience at the time. This is often extremely difficult to cop to when things really suck, and defense seems to be the only attitude available to offer and receive… But are we completely void of some sense that we could ‘see this differently and feel differently’? No.

Usually we don’t want to give up being right, even if we could feel better instantly by conceding to not knowing, we won’t do it.

The reason for this (besides the obvious all-inclusive addiction to separation) when detailed out, looks kind of like, “I’d rather suffer than give you the satisfaction… I don’t want you to feel good when I feel bad… hopefully knowing you’re miserable will make me feel better”… We undergo the horrible feeling of hate and guilt for hating and yet we sacrifice each other and ourselves on the alter of , using whatever justification ‘for your own good’, ‘you hurt me more or first’… Well, whatever will keep the blaring truth at bay.

~ “I have done this unto myself!”~ This one thought, that we are so afraid of, hold’s the key to complete peace. Once we cop to this, we begin to see clearly that what we give we receive…. ‘To give and to receive are one in truth’… Ultimately, we all just want to be happy, peaceful and free. Yes? One begins to see the pattern: that if I can give you the right to happiness by wishing it for you, well, instantaneously, I feel it overcoming my present state. “I will receive what I am giving now”…

Today’s lesson: “To give and to receive are one in truth”…. builds on this neutral premise and asks that we value our Self by valuing each other. What we can truly give, what we can give in truth, are attitudes and attributes of truth, or love. Since love is what we are in truth, fathered by Love, like unto itself. So we offer, deliberately, these attitudes and attributes, which are our goal to receive. We remind ourselves, “I will receive what I am giving now”… Peace already begins to settle in, don’t you think? To give and to receive are one in truth….

Ummm Yummmy… There is just no end to the happiness and peace of mind, safety and certainly and joy, to the trust and freedom and light and forgiveness, and healing and companionship and love that we can have, but for the giving it to all…. It makes one want to get right after the practice of giving it all away to keep it, yes? It feels so good to hope for you your happiness, after all, doesn’t it.

I have always been one for immediate gratification. I have been way into wanting it now, and, I have to admit, wanting proof of effectiveness (preferably immediately).

The very first time I did this lesson, wow, over 20 years ago, now, I was swept into an option for peace and happiness, I would never completely forget again. The choice for right-minded perception was as close as my willingness to love and receive love.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t decide for the bed of roses, and stay there. No. More like, tasting the light seemed to bring to the forefront all manner of unacceptable, unlovable, unbearable, attributes and beliefs about myself that could only be labeled ‘self-loathing’. I had been in denial of having identified myself with these mistaken thoughts about myself, due to my ‘self-made’, cover-over identity self, which was ‘doing it right’, protecting me from my secret assignment of guilt and unworthiness. My readiness to accept and allow the truth was miniscule, dressed in grandiosity, at the time,( though I was, as they say, the last to know)… When you know there is no one ‘out there’ to blame and you get exhausted from blaming yourself, the vigilance for the ego identity gets weak, the mind opens… Thank God, because finally, after years of denial and immense heartache for self, I became ready to see what life ‘being wrong’ and ‘giving all to all’, looked like.... The Holy Spirit enters at the slightest invitation and the plan for salvations accomplishment has been set… And now, gratitude is all I am and all I can seem to offer. And with it, a host of heavenly feelings inherent in Who I Am in truth…to give and receive as one…

This little willingness to let all things be exactly as they are and offering everything I want to keep, as fast as I can give it away, has truly given me heaven on earth. I want only what I can give away. I see now, that nothing else has any value whatsoever.

I think this is one of the easiest lessons to remember. One can just feel the effects so powerfully and immediately… I join with you in the peace of God and perfect rest and happiness… let us remember to give and be happy…

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