Monday, November 26, 2007

12. What is the ego?

This is what I love: “Yet will one lily of forgiveness change the darkness into light; the altar to illusions to the shrine of Life Itself. And peace will be restored forever to the holy minds which God created as His Son, His dwelling place, His joy, His love, completely His, completely one with Him”. (W-12.5) This statement so concisely articulates a full-on description of life as I know it on the boardwalk/’the bridge to the Real world’ or ‘borderland’ (ACIM lingo). Everything every made to embellish, authenticate or rule with, which is contained by this world-life, is used; purified by forgiveness’ implementation through the Holy Spirit. This is, of course, due to the Atonement principle; the return to the unified perspective… to let love be as it is~ the one-mind that is God’s Son. Body perspective (ego) simply fades to the background and its validity is only significant to ‘present mind’ in as much as it is useful to the purpose of Atonement. Access has been made to the “you are me and I, you” program and wired into the mainframe of being.

Life in the dream seems useless without it… and continual restoratives are at the ready for the asking. What once was “you hurt me’, now only seems right as ‘I now longer will for hurt to be’. Fear tendencies of the past are right-sided up and revealed as: ‘trust~ which settles every problem, now’.

Lesson 331:

There is no conflict, for my will is Yours….

This is the world of forgiveness, where infinite patience seems feasible, as immediate peace is apparent with the decision for it. Conflict possibilities are seen as re-member-ing the split-off aspects of self, which are quietly accepted ‘as is’, instead. We let all things be exactly as they are. There is a pervasive resonation of peace and the feeling of being home; here and now.

Specifics and/or details of the world-dream/so-called life may not change at all and matter not (although they often do as is necessary for the good of all). It’s all the same. Nothing conflicts with oneness. The truth is simple and conflict is a concept easily forgiven by seeing its impossibility in oneness.

Hangin’ out in awakening is so simply yummy cuz everything is Love; easily seen for what it is, whether in its extension or request state… It’s all the same ~ and, as the cliché says: it’s all good!. Finally, continuously, that’s what it comes round to... There’s no place else to go~ nothin’ else to do~ just hang in Heaven as the dreamer; reviewing and forgiving the dream .

Today’s lesson’s prayer is like (or is) the many ‘duh!-type’ prayers I have prayed so often~ Please join me:

“How foolish, Father, to believe Your Son could cause himself to suffer! Could he make a plan for his damnation, and be left without a certain way to his release? You love me, Father. You could never leave me desolate, to die within a world of pain and cruelty. How could I think that Love has left Itself? There is no will except the Will of Love. Fear is a dream, and has no will that can conflict with Yours. Conflict is sleep, and peace awakening. Death is illusion; life, eternal truth. There is no opposition to Your Will. There is no conflict, for my will is Yours”.

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