Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lesson 332:

Fear binds the world. Forgiveness sets it free….

The world, regardless of its apparent ‘life-of-its-own’, is, after all, in the mind…

I am at home in God, merely plugged into the dream-matrix of the ego world-program; ‘residual self- image, as it were. The programmer was the tiny mad idea of separation which fathered the whole gig of impossibility … It is our fear that binds us to it, and keeps the amnesia at the forefront of mind. This makes being characters in the dream seem completely viable.

As if we don’t absolutely know some place in the deep recesses of our mind that it’s all bogus; that something just isn’t right. ‘Like a splinter in the mind’, to use a Matrix term.

You know what I found? You can’t keep busy enough, steady enough or long enough to stay away from pervasive nagging feeling ~not really, can you?

Eventually, in a single present moment, where now is more relevant that the ongoing story, it catches you off guard~ it, being the possibility that the lens is distorted and a new one is required. Then, right there, waiting but the asking, is the Holy Spirit’s lens.

I am joyously unlearning what I taught myself through accepting forgiveness as my only function.

Simultaneously this allows for me to accept the Holy Spirits version of the world I see. Forgiveness taps us into inspiration and certainty; inspiration coming from the Voice for God and certainty from the Law of God... making it possible to looks out upon a forgiven world through the lens for-giving light and love…

We can, indeed, free our minds through forgiveness. As we must and certainly all will… for it is God’s Will that we are free… We know freedom is ours, as we offer freedom to all.

Truth undoes the ego’s illusions, by shining them away. Forgiveness, it turns out, really is the key to happiness. As I let all things be exactly as they are, it is forgiveness I am allowing to do its part in the awakening to the always-present truth. Like the lesson says, “Truth merely is. And by its presence is the mind recalled from fantasies, awaking to the real. Forgiveness bids this presence enter in, and take its rightful place within the mind…”

Forgiveness lights up my mind where fantasies of fear and inconsistent happiness and frustration sat just a dream ago.

Peace comes of itself within the mind that stops meddling, falsifying and story-telling of another outside my Self… Self contains all. And oh, how yummy it is~ Love, in fact.

In the belly of love, it’s easy to press the forgiveness button in the projector and allow the script to play out however it must~ and trust. After all, we are already at home in God … I don’t suppose too much time could be wasted in contemplating true forgiveness through practical application… Heaven knows we’ve got enough subject matter… Everyone, situation, belief, etc., etc., in one’s so-called life, has been spirit-picked, so to speak, for the perfect healing of each and every aspect of the mind of Son of God which dreamed itself split and separate. And forgiveness is the mechanism that erases the lines… Oneness shines the truth through the once special hate or love relationships, now transformed as holy relationships, reflecting our true identity through our relationship with God….

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