Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lesson 326:

I am forever an Effect of God….

Once in a while, I’ll be going about my daily business, feeling love-aligned, and, what seems like all the sudden, that old shadow-identity voice will rise up from its grave (and grave it is…) and start issuing orders: “Hey”, it says, “push this girl down and smack her around a bit. There’s a belly full of blame and judgment here, and no place to put it. I need a whipping girl. Now get to it!”

As false and absurd as I recognize this ‘baby-self’ voice to be, the twisted part is that there is a compulsion to buckle to its demands, a sick sense of ‘responsibility’ (for lack of a better word) to it. It’s like, in the past, when I have been identified with the role as ‘mother’, and my kids want something from me that I see as a sacrifice, but, as a mom, I have felt compelled to ‘make the sacrifice. Know what I mean? After all, they’re ‘my’ kids, right? I owe them something; some sacrifice of me, yes?

That’s just plain twisted… yes? I don’t know what I’m getting at here, but as long as I think I fathered myself, the sacrifices to that identity are endless and relentless. I am so grateful to finally see that all my pain has been caused by this ridiculous competition with God, (my Cause and the only reason for my being, incidentally). It is such a load off….

I love the description of my true-identity as the effect of God put so beautifully lesson 156. Remember what it says?

Truth must be true throughout, if it be true. It cannot contradict itself, nor be in parts uncertain and in others sure. You cannot walk the world apart from God, because you could not be without Him. He is what your life is. Where you are He is. There is one life. That life you share with Him. Nothing can be apart from Him and live.. Yet where He is, there must be holiness as well as life. No attribute of His remains unshared by everything that lives. What lives is holy as Himself, because what shares His life is part of Holiness, and could no more be sinful than the sun could choose to be of ice; the sea elect to be apart from water, or the grass to grow with roots suspended in the air… There is a light in you which cannot die; whose presence is so holy that the world is sanctified because of you. All things that live bring gifts to you, and offer them in gratitude and gladness at your feet. The scent of flowers is their gift to you. The waves bow down before you, and the trees extend their arms to shield you from the heat, and lay their leaves before you on the ground that you may walk in softness, while the wind sinks to a whisper round your holy head... The light in you is what the universe longs to behold. All living things are still before you, for they recognize Who walks with you. The light you carry is their own. And thus they see in you their holiness, saluting you as savior and as God. Accept their reverence, for it is due to Holiness Itself, which walks with you, transforming in Its gentle light all things unto Its likeness and Its purity… This is the way salvation works. As you step back, the light in you steps forward and encompasses the world. It heralds not the end of sin in punishment and death. In lightness and in laughter is sin gone, because its quaint absurdity is seen. It is a foolish thought, a silly dream, not frightening, ridiculous perhaps, but who would waste an instant in approach to God Himself for such a senseless whim?”

I am forever an Effect of God….An effect can only exist from the attributes of its cause. Where else would it come from? What could possibly be its reality? It cannot be spawn from some alien subsistence outside its only state of being… except maybe in wild imaginings, which aren’t real. Oh yeah, that’s what this so-called-world-life is…

The mind is creative; deriving its natural prolusion to extend from its Loving Cause… Love extends. ~We’ve all felt the truth of this, regardless of what ‘belief base’ we’re signed on to~. We want to love and be loved~ No matter how we dress it up to look like something else or even believe it is. It’s not. When it is stripped down to its naked core; every success dance, anger dance, romance dance, family dance and/or system dance, be it political, religious, sexual, intellectual or ‘spiritual’, still comes down to one thing, we want love; to give and receive~ It is the very fabric of our being and impossible to remove from our being. ~Cover up perhaps, deny, definitely, but be without~ impossible…

We are the effect of God; of Love, and nothing else will ever give us happiness…

As we train our minds to see the false as false and forgive its unreality, love’s awareness seeps into our presence of mind as the present moment; and time, itself, slips to the background as relevant. This is the point of contact that we must come back to eventually, as we learn to let the Holy Spirit lead our thinking back to right-minded thinking, which is with our Source.

The ‘self-concept’ thinks for itself. It is wrong. The miracle for me has been to remain vigilant against the wrong-minded or false thinking of the ‘self-concept’ until my relying on the Holy Spirit became a habit of engaging with God, a habit worthy of the Son-returning-home… Nothing else feels natural any more and seeing/recognizing the false for what it is; false, seems simpler. Each and every experience in this world, I see it now as a forgiveness lesson in the making. Everywhere I look, there it is. As the shadow is dispelled by the light of forgiveness, there is Love, awaiting awareness.

Turns out, love is every where and every when and every one. It is unmistakably within all. In letting go the self concept altogether, truth of our being as Christ reveals itself; reflecting in everyone and everything we seem to see, in this dream of waking up to the Son of God as is…in truth. And in realizing Christ, we recognizing we had merely been dreaming the dream of ‘something else. ~ I am forever an Effect of God…

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