Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lesson 329:

I have already chosen what You will…

Lately I have been having a bunch of weird, mundane type dreams; some fairly fun to watch and some which have that feeling of doing life with one foot nailed down (a feeling I am well familiar with from the past). The common factor is that none of the scenarios seem to have any particular reason, or matter much. They’re okay. They might, or might not, include someone else currently in my so-called waking experience.

I haven’t really thought much about this until this morning in the contemplative part of my meditation and lesson time. A couple of things occurred to me. First was that they were a good sampling of every-joe’s everyday life, on planet earth. The other was that I couldn’t remember the last time I had dreams such as these.

So I ask myself what it was about my every-joe so-called life that might be affecting a message to me…. Here’s what I came up with. In recent weeks, I have been deliberately trying to make something about my life different; something in form. First uncovering what my belief-system around it has been, as judgment had apparently sneaked in, which is how I got in front of the mirror, so to speak, about it. Next, I started to look for what I have felt were solutions for change. You might ask, as I did during my investigation, where I had perceived a problem, so as to need solution-izing?

The ego is a tenacious thought system; always on the alert to slip in where it can, to redirect the mind away from truth… wouldn’t you agree? Here’s the groovy part, right there, within and beyond the very avenue the ego takes, the Holy Spirit serves up ‘the other way’. Right where I wanted to take this seriously and feel ashamed or think there really could be a problem that needed solving and that I didn’t have the resources within to deal and therefore must seek outside myself, a familiar voice whispers softly, “Relax. All that I have already belongs to you. There is no outside of God’s Son. You are as God created and only the truth is true.” That when my perception flipped and I saw, again, that everything I had been attracting information wise had come easily and I felt inspired to actions I have been taking. I also saw that none of it really mattered in truth, only my peace of mind was imperative… And, that is restored instantaneously by my desire for nothing else… Ahhh….

I love forgiving my mind for its little attempt to reinvent itself~ the transition experience from futility to gratitude, peace and certainty is so delicious…

I have already chosen what You will…

So too, is today’s prayer… Let’s partake together:

“Father, I thought I wandered from Your Will, defied it, broke its laws, and interposed a second will more powerful than Yours. Yet what I am in truth is but Your Will, extended and extending. This am I, and this will never change. As You are One, so am I one with You. And this I chose in my creation, where my will became forever one with Yours. That choice was made for all eternity. It cannot change, and be in opposition to itself. Father, my will is Yours. And I am safe, untroubled and serene, in endless joy, because it is Your Will that it be so.”


DEREK said...

sin actually means ego?

danét said...

one certainly could say that the ego and sin could could be use synonymously as both are equally unreal and belong to the same error in thought; 'that we could be separate from our source'
One problem: we think we're separate from God.
One solution: remember we are not!
Thanks for joining derek