Friday, January 26, 2007

~invulnerable and loving it: lesson ~

Lesson 26:

“My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability…”

First off, when I began the Course, the idea of pure invulnerability as an experience of my self seemed a concept so foreign to my mind ~like I just didn’t speak the language~ It was an idea equal to “Fairytales do come true” I thought I knew what invulnerability meant, but outside of ‘the best defense is a good offense’, type of invulnerability, I was in a foreign country.

Slowly I began to grasp the value of non-judgment and something about this kept calling to me and bringing with it a feeling of comfort and peacefulness. As I have given myself over to these sometimes ‘-foreign’ ideas and often ‘-foreign’ meanings of ideas, I have watched my mind transform to one where meaning is written for me. And acceptance is my only role. “The role of the miracle worker is to accept the Atonement for himself” …and apparently, this is how it’s done… thank you.

Every thought is either projected or extended. Attack thoughts are projected. Real thoughts are extended. The perceived world is just a representation of thoughts. Attack thoughts are kept out of awareness and then "seen" in the world as if they were external or independent of their "maker" -- our own mind.
There are no problems apart from my mind. Just as the Course says:
”You believe what you see because you see what you believe”

You see what you believe… I see that I am invulnerable and in choosing with the Holy Spirit within my mind, I no longer want to worry, be concerned, compare, regret…why attack myself…? Better to trust~ as “trust will answer every situation, NOW…. And funny thing, it turns out~ ‘Happy dreams do come true’!…

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