Monday, February 5, 2007

~Holiness~ its everywhere~

Lesson 36:

“My holiness envelops everything I see…”

My Holiness… my wholly ness…

“The meaning of the Son of God lies solely in his relationship with his Creator. If it were elsewhere it would rest on contingency, but there nothing else. And this is wholly loving and forever... wholly Self-encompassing and Self-extending.” (T-20.VI.1)

My holiness is the background substance from which all creation (extended or projected… fancied or real) comes forth. Holiness is all there really is and nothing has happened to alter its reality in any way.

If I do not see holiness in everything I see, it is because I do not want to SEE. Period. It is because I think I prefer the images I have assigned life to, and I am afraid to look upon and beyond what I have made into the light of Christ~ When identified with my small minded self-concept, I fear this LIGHT will envelope me. And it will…and it already does. Always. Already. All my pretending won’t change that…I am Christ, God’s Son~ exactly as He created me ~created by Love extending… for love receiving…and in full appreciating Love…completed… It has already been done and nothing I can think or make or do can taint the Holy Home of God Himself.

“Love wishes to be known, completely understood and shared. It has no secrets; nothing that it would keep apart and hide. It walks in sunlight, open-eyed and calm, in smiling welcome and in sincerity so simple and so obvious it cannot be misunderstood.” (T-20.VI.2)

My relationship with my creator is both my reality in truth and my model and guide as well as the means for my relationship with my brothers, including all seeming situations, people, circumstances and events ~ even the character/model called Danét~ This Holy relationship, the One Relationship, IS, already~ It is wholly Holy, always ~Now. It is the foundation of my holiness~ extending… My holiness envelops everything I see…

My role in this so-called life is to ACCEPT THE ATONEMENT FOR MYSELF!

Mine is to notice anything that hinders its accomplishment…look at it square on with the Holy Spirit within my mind…forgive and choose again…

“The holy relationship reflects the true relationship the Son of God has with his Father in reality. The Holy Spirit rests within it in the certainty it will endure forever. Its firm foundation is eternally upheld by truth, and love shines on it with the gentle smile and tender blessing it offers to its own. Here the unholy instant is exchanged in gladness for the holy one of safe return. Here is the way to true relationships held gently open, through which you and your brother walk together, leaving the body thankfully behind and resting in the Everlasting Arms. Love's Arms are open to receive you, and give you peace forever.” (T-20.VI.10)

The light of Christ shines eternally bright within my mind~ and, I see that my holiness does indeed, envelop everything I see… every encounter is a holy encounter…and every relationship~ holy… ~Always appreciation follows…I gladly answer the debt I owe my brother through recognizing that his holiness is mine…and our One holiness envelops everything seen…

We are Christ and we are not alone~ All Glory to God ~

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