Thursday, February 8, 2007

~Holiness:the Truth of What we are~

Lesson 39:

My holiness is my salvation…

I am so delighted about this… I never could save myself.

When we think about unloving thoughts, they usually fall to the good/bad judgment criterion for our review. But, I began to see that the thoughts that haunted me most, were about wanting to do things right, not wanting to be wrong, feeling guilty about any perceived mistakes, afraid of being ‘in trouble’ or perceived as foolish, irresponsible ~insignificant or irrelevant ~ afraid of being revealed to be a fraud, not special after all…

Always, my addiction to ‘special- ness’ ruled the day. These were my unloving thoughts keeping me in hell~ from which, my holiness is my salvation…

Any thought that is not of God, is really no thought at all.

However, because of the nature of its maker, it has, potentially all the power of the universe at its disposal, to utilize or misuse according to the dictates of it maker. We choose one or the other with every choice we make, in every minute of every day according to what we think we are (special or part of the sonship/God’s Son). And, our so-called lives show us what we choice we made. Being two exclusive thought systems, there is no compromise possible between Heaven and hell. I choose for guilt/fear or I choose love ~ my holiness.

*This is such an important lesson. And so easily missed, due to the lack of point of reference the ego has to holiness. We are using holiness as a concept to teach and learn from, but holiness is not a concept, it is the Truth of What we are. *

So, having no understanding of holiness, the ego’s approximation of this idea, is the concept of “specialness”. And this, the ego knows well! In fact, the ego is the father of this unholy, unloving thought. ~Special- ness is its specialty…

Here, the idea of being ‘special’, we took the first drink of the nectar of separation… And here, we allowed our minds to be influenced by the intoxication inherent in the drink. From that point on, all our thoughts have been under the influence of this seductive drug/idea. And we have been operating from the deficit produced by the drunkenness of ‘special me”, without realizing it.

Denial is its primary feature ~making it so that we are subject being ignorant of the thorough seditiousness placed on the mind. We think we’re ‘normal’, ‘doing just fine’, oblivious to the impact this loaded idea is making on the world we see and the decisions we make.

Of course, the nature of any idea is to satisfy itself…. And ’specianess’ is no different. Specialness wants to be special; #1, the best, most important,… well, basically…god. And to hell with anything else…yes?

Guilt, the great advocate for specialness, is the prompting for the next drink… And the cycle repeats…

Until, cracked open by disillusionment, we open to the possibility of another way.

Our holiness is the other way through the Holy Spirit within the mind…joyously dawning the light of our holiness...

…Saved by the bell of holiness! ~Thank God!

Today I see the apparent attempt to duplicate god as my self, for what it was. HELL! The constant, sickening guilt was unbearable. ~The impossibility of the task was always in the periphery of my vision ~with the resulting feeling of smallness, wrongness, not-enough-ness, loneliness. ~The ever-present fear of being usurped myself ~ excruciatingly! Of course the need to medicate with more special importance…required.

If guilt is hell, what is its opposite?

I have been saved by my holiness, saved for mySelf by God. ~I am very holy. I can’t see anything else…

Through forgiveness, the miracle frees us from the guilty special nightmare, by seeing it is just a dream of separation. Then gently it wakes us to the reality of our holiness.

The miracle has awakened me to my place as the dreamer of the dream. Now, I dream only the dream of a forgiven world. Nothing else matters. Your holiness is My holiness...we are Christ and our holiness is the salvation of this seeming world…

Jesus blesses us with theses thoughts in the text:
“Behold the Son of God, and look upon his purity and be still. In quiet look upon his holiness, and offer thanks unto his Father that no guilt has ever touched him.
No illusion that you have ever held against him has touched his innocence in any way. His shining purity, wholly untouched by guilt and wholly loving, is bright within you. Let us look upon him together and love him. For in love of him is your guiltlessness. But look upon yourself, and gladness and appreciation for what you see will banish guilt forever. I thank You, Father, for the purity of Your most holy Son, whom You have created guiltless forever.
Like you, my faith and my belief are centered on what I treasure. The difference is that I love what God loves with me, and because of this I treasure you beyond the value that you set on yourself, even unto the worth that God has placed upon you. I love all that He created, and all my faith and my belief I offer unto it. My faith in you is as strong as all the love I give my Father. My trust in you is without limit, and without the fear that you will hear me not. I thank the Father for your loveliness, and for the many gifts that you will let me offer to the Kingdom in honor of its wholeness that is of God.
Praise be to you who make the Father One with His Own Son. Alone we are all lowly, but together we shine with brightness so intense that none of us alone can even think of it. Before the glorious radiance of the Kingdom guilt melts away, and transformed into kindness will never more be what it was. Every reaction you experience will be so purified that it is fitting as a hymn of praise unto your Father. See only praise of Him in what He has created, for He will never cease His praise of you. United in this praise we stand before the gates of Heaven where we will surely enter in our sinlessness. God loves you. (T-13.X.12-14)

Now this is prayer-thinking worthy of embracing, oui?

My holiness is my salvation. Your holiness blesses me as does mine, you, and together we are invincible…with the memory of God within our mind… shining forth our holiness~ we are the salvation of the world…

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