Thursday, March 1, 2007

~lesson 60~

Lesson 60:

~God is the love in which I forgive~ ~God is the strength in which I trust~ ~There is nothing to fear~ ~God’s voice speaks to me all through the day~ ~I am sustained by the love of God~
These are such a beautiful group of facts…or are they merely concepts in my mind? …t r u t h … hum… how does one be sure? First off, what we put our faith in we believe and by our belief we make real for us…whatever “it” is … (like a world of separate things apart, for instance)
Throughout my learning/unlearning experience with the Course, there was never a time its message didn’t speak to me of an ancient knowing so long yearned for. Much of my effort was misconstrued in interpretation often, yes, as it is for all minds that sleep. But my desire to know, although lacking in whole-heartedness at times, has never been more than a quiet moment’s reach away… and always available.
The appeal of the Course for me was more than just the extraordinarily intoxicating intellectual articulation of this powerful and exclusively new thought system; so complete and promising that the possibility of dumping the failure of my efforts of a so-called life into a whole system, and one, I was possibly on some level, already a part of~ for complete redemption and renewal ~compelling, to say the least… [now that’s what I call an extreme makeover], it was somehow simply a way to ‘pull-myself-together’.
What seemed to reach me, on a deeper level than I could ‘put-my-finger-on’, was an fundamental wisdom, a knowing something really t r u e.
I recognize this now as the “call for love” ~ All are called, few choose to listen… Not because we don’t want to… It is the structural dynamics of the of the ego thought system to deny, to specialize, to distract, label and rename ~to make ‘mine’…
It quickly became a transfixing obsession, for me, to conceptualize these ideas and attempt to fit them into the current belief structure, which I already had on board… Remarkably, of course I would then think I understood what it meant and try to construe my experience of ‘life’ to fit… having been compulsively drawn to give meaning where there is none and therefore, deny meaning where meaning is… and then give value to where I placed my meaning, not realizing it was insubstantial and really ‘nothing at all’. This left me, therefore, valuing nothing, thinking its something… damn… the merry-go-round… I’m sort of loosing perspective even as I write this ~its such a monkey-mind of upside-down concepts…how could one ever keep it straight? Is it possible? I think not!
Concepts are not real. They are the forms of separation designed to keep me from remembering the truth about what I am.
It was a long time coming for me, to understand this … I’m a smart girl, after all… yet, the light of understanding doesn't come to the 'figuring it out -thinks it already knows' mind ~ only to the mind emptied of concepts [however temporarily] ~the 'open-mind'.
It’s a funny thing~ the procedure; questioning every thing, every belief, and every idea ~
placing each on the alter for review … looking closely with the microscope of the Holy Spirit at the ready …~Here’s the funny part~ not one of them stands! Flimsy holograms at best…
I found that they were given dimension by the very avoidance of examination.
…Never underestimate the power of denial… ~words to live by…a phrase that has been in the background of my mind this morning. "I" can’t know …What is ~ is! And nothing else is! Period! “Only the truth is true and nothing else is true”...The only way to see the truth reflected here in this world is to look beyond effects to cause…And to look beyond, one has to look within and through…
I’m thinking about the section in the text called the “Happy Learner”. It’s talking about me.

I have not looked back …One cannot…when the miracle happens…and blesses everything and everyone. That becomes all there is to see!
In the end delay is futile, too…
The mind that is addicted to this world has not been trained to pay attention …that is the purpose of the addictive mechanism… which is the ego’s attempt to make the Son of God, mindless.
The miracle shows that ‘the world ~ my so-called life’ is, as the Course says, “an outside picture of an inward condition.” It then directs us back inward, first to the cause of the condition: the choice to align with the ego’s idea to ‘one-up’ God, where we see that impossibility. And then, in choosing the atonement, the Holy Spirit unveils First Cause: ~And nothing ever happened at all to interrupt the glorious song of gratitude for creation… Creations chorus of which we are equally a part … one voice ~ one Mind ~ the Mind we share with God, singing truly:

~God is the love in which I forgive~ ~God is the strength in which I trust~ ~There is nothing to fear~ ~God’s voice speaks to me all through the day~ ~I am sustained by the love of God~

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