Monday, March 5, 2007

~Lesson 64:~

Lesson 64:
Let me not forget my function…
Only by fulfilling the function given me by god will I be happy. It is my function to light the world through my forgiveness…To be the light of the world would be a tall order if it had anything to do with the definitions inherent in the ego structure of sin, guilt, and fear ~the ‘unholy trinity’~ as Jesus refers to it in the Course. But, by the Grace of God, that’s not the case. Forgiveness is for this world ~but not of it~ it is the simple decision to be happy! To be happy through the one means available to us, the one vestige of ‘reality’ is afforded this gig called life on planet earth. EVERYthing else is a lie. Everything else is an attempt of the ego to mimic the appeal of God through ‘special’ treasures ~and, lots of them; pretty trinkets, perfect bod’s, romance, sexual fantasy fulfillment, money and kids and successes and more and more and on and on…always returning back to the inevitable ZERO-point of nothingness.
We who are everything cannot be content with nothing...period. ‘Let me not forget my function. Let me not try to substitute mine for God’s”…
The detour into darkness was a journey that but seemed to happen ~and the instant it was accepted into the mind, it was already answered ~for there is only the ‘Light of Creation’. Therefore, darkness cannot hide [regardless of the complex ingenuity of the ego’s world]. At no single instant, has the body or the world existed at all. All efforts to change and make better~ futile… only a delay tactic to deflect the fact that only the changeless is real. It is only through forgiveness that we recognize the truth of what we are. Only forgiveness releases the light that shines away the constructs of shadows made by a mistaken mind. It releases the construct of ‘residual self-image”, as The Matrix refers to it. A construct which attempted to hide the unbearable idea of guilt, of usurping the power of God and making up something to take the place of ‘ALL-CREATION’ shifting, changing forms of betterment and specialness ~spawning a world peopled by the constructs of our belief in it. “Let me forgive and be happy.”
Forgiveness resides only in the ever-present NOW, which is the only place I find my Self ~In the light of Christ ~my true identity.
Where is this darkness now? ~It could only be but where an idea of victory over God could exist~ ~NO WHERE~ It but seemed to reside an instant in the past ~yet where too is the past? ~NO WHERE~

ONLY LIGHT IS REAL… So, being what I am can’t be that difficult. It is only the belief in the reality of the unholy trinity and its ensuing spawn that hides this simple fact from my awareness ~forgiveness sets this free. I don’t and can’t know how this is accomplished. It is not me who accomplishes it. I do just one thing:
I decide to be happy by fulfilling my function… this is my invitation to let the Holy Spirit do the rest through me. ~And I can trust that whatever seems to go down, ‘all things work together for good’ … and that’s how I can let go and accept the “This is the world it is function to save’…
I love what “The Song of Prayer “ supplement to the Course says about the forms in which forgiveness takes. Please share this blissful expression with me now:

“Do not establish what the form should be that Christ’s forgiveness takes. He knows the way to make of every call a help to you, as you arise in haste to go at last unto your Father’s house. Now can He make your footsteps sure, your words sincere; not with your own sincerity, by with His Own. Let Him take charge of how you would forgive, and each occasion then will be to you another step to heaven and to peace… It matters not the form that dreams may seem to take. Illusions are untrue. God’s Will is truth, and you are one with Him in Will and purpose.
“What should I do for him, Your holy Son?” should be the only thing you ever ask when help is needed and forgiveness sought…. The light of Christ in him is his release, and it is this that answers to his call. Forgive him as the Christ decides you should, and be His eyes through which you look on him, and speak for Him as well. He knows the need; the question and the answer… Do not confuse His function with your own. He is the Answer. You the one who hears…”

Happy listening ~ forgiving ~ lighting the world…

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