Friday, March 9, 2007

~Lesson 68 musings~

Lesson 68:

Love holds no grievances…
Love is all that I am … I hold no grievances… Can I say this without reservation, in complete safety and peace and total expansion? I rest in God and nothing else is really happening at all… Love is, and ‘i’ ceases to be. It is the keystone melody that harmonizes all seeming discord of the personal self and private thoughts. Only a 'person' can hold grievances, and must have ‘others’ in which to evaluate personal significance and weigh against. This is necessary to solidify the seeming ‘real’-ness of the world peopled by the personhood concept… A 'person' is just simply an image which is in constant need of defending; it unconsciously fears its instability will be discovered and its ‘nothingness’ revealed. After all, what seems more solid than a person fighting for their very life; defending against enemies perceived and not yet known? …Sitting at the edge of the cave in breathless attack mode, to ward off being stabbed in ones sleep? Only a person has enemies. A person can loose their so-called life, because a person’s life is extinguishable… Yet, persons are only figures in the dream of separation. We perceive ‘others’ because we sleep. Grievances are the sleeping pill that darken the mind to submission to the deep-sleep or unconsciousness of the belief in ‘special personage’~ the ‘hero’ of the dream, which was promised by the ego in that past, unholy instant of forgetfulness…The past is nowhere now, having already been Corrected. It is not reality. We are not mindless, as the ego would have us believe, We are the Mind that thinks the thought of God… The miracle restores us to awareness of Mind, which is the activating agent of Spirit. We are therefore Spirit, and spirit is in a state of grace forever. Therefore, we are in a state of grace forever… where could grievance possibly fit into this perfect picture of all-encompassing peace?
The whole of universe of perception; with it the scarcity principle, the idea of needs, the structure of personhood, and the entire ego dynamic produces and perpetuates the necessity to order our thoughts. Judgment is, of course, what is at the heart of grievance. Judgment is the tool we use to develop and maintain hierarchies of values, is the chosen hiding place for the idea that reality is ours to select from. This is the darkness the personal-self flails around in, protecting its survival. The Atonement answered this darkened thought with the light of truth. And the miracle restores light to the mind with the memory of the Self.
I’m thinking about the part in chapter I of the text called “The Escape form Darkness”, it seems apropos to revisit here...

Thank you my brothers for bringing my Self to my awareness, at last!

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