Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lesson 228:

God has condemned me not. No more do I.

Thank Heavens!, the condemnation game is finally over, yes? Talk about a circular waste of energy. You can’t get anywhere with condemnation as a motivator. The basis of existence is freedom, the true nature of our being, as is perfection and wholeness. Where’s the room for condemnation here? Therefore, what but illusion can condemn and be condemned? It is merely a case of mistaken identity, taken seriously in a tiny tick of time, when the Son of God remembered not to laugh.… The natural self will reject the idea and in this world, that looks like a feeling of defensiveness. Now, looped into this falsehood/personhood, we have used this faulty tool as a means of correcting a problem in our person, which isn’t real and therefore doesn’t need fixing. Correction must take place by bring problem and solution together. In this world there is but one problem: we think we are separate from our Source. And but one solution: realize that we are not. So anything that feels at all like it needs correction (including improvement) in anyway is merely an opportunity to ‘forgive and see it differently’.

We forgive. That is all. And actually, we make the decision to forgive and the Holy Spirit which is within our mind, whether we are currently in awareness of it or not, takes care of the work of forgiveness, giving it back to us as healed perception. What once we saw as noteworthy and in need of guilt as the punishment for our crime of not- enough-ness, we now see merely as a one more re-ally-zing of that which we thought we separated off from our Self. Forgiveness is the correction of the mis-identity; fathered in the silly belief that what is One could have separate parts, each sponsoring itself. Now, we see the false as false; insubstantial and irrelevant to our being, which is beyond. We experience the results of our decision for forgiveness within this world of perception, as a sort of bridge illusion (bridge-across-forever); or vision-spectacles, if you will, ~the healed perspective ~miracle mindedness… The ‘other’ has become our ‘brother’, one in purpose.

Still the Source, the still Source, resides within~ beyond… The power of the correction comes from our One Self; which has never been here at all, but has remained as God created and is like unto Himself…

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