Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lesson 313:

“Now let a new perception come to me”.

Here’s what I notice… It takes but one wholehearted decision for truth to be but the truth got me and for loves presence to take the lead, for everything to change. The decision for truth is made, and the goal is then set to re-open my eyes to a forgiven world. Where even just a minute previously I mistakenly thought my identity was tied up with irritation or fear, just the mere surrender to the possibility, that my interpretation of current events is wrong ~ because I am not at peace~ makes way to receive the miracle… It’s as if, like they say, a veil is lifted and I see the innocence I was looking for all along, simply by unreservedly offering it to that moment’s guests and allowing sinlessness to be reflected back.

So simple it is, really… "Love will come wherever it is asked"… No more significant statement could I make about my learning. I ask that love be present and I recognize it is, always, already, waiting but my decision to only be but what I am and to see that you are but what you are; sinless and wholly innocent of the lies duality portrays that ebb and flow across the dreaming mind; their unreality exposed and passed over for the truth…

Love waits on welcome… It doesn’t come to us, it is us… Forgiveness shows us the only path in this world, in truth; choose once again and awaken; already at home in the arms of love.

This one decision to let truth be itself and love to enter the mind/heart that a minute ago had refusal on its lips, warms and relents to peace’s gentle touch. This is the holy relationship with the ‘real’ world, which forgiveness offers me … identifying with the Christ and recognizing its already present gift within, out-pictured upon the world. The simple lesson which forgiveness brings and the Course restates again and again is: I see my own innocence by seeing the world's innocence… I find my forgiveness through forgiving others… I recognize my own innocence by seeing yours.

Ideas are shared. By allowing the Christ identity in you, I recognize it in myself, already present, now. This is the holy wake-up call, and we have answered… Love forever and ever~

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