Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lesson 315:

All gifts my brothers give belong to me…

I remember back in the day, when I was totally identified with the “me” character where myself and all the others were separate things; subject and objects… Yet, today, I see only my Self…That’s exciting! That’s present! That is the gift forgiveness brings! When we accept the Atonement for ourselves, and forgiveness becomes our chosen dream, all gifts, as all brothers, reveal themselves as another holographic reflection of the face of Christ…

Anyway, back then, I had a pretty standard response to others gifts~ and it wasn’t just gratitude. In fact that was miniscule to all that was going on below the surface. I felt jealous; envious, yes~ but deeper than that even, I felt somehow ashamed when I recognized a gift in someone and felt it was deficient in me. I couldn’t just appreciate them and admire or champion them (like I outwardly and behaviorally appeared to ~ faking the ‘appropriate’ response; wishing it were all I felt)… No, deep inside, in the secret chamber of my little-self, I felt exposed, alone, alien, small and desperate… ~I had more character to build, skills to achieve, ‘others’ to impress with ‘something’ great… And on and on it went. Lord, what a ridiculous, lonely, exhausting and imprisoned world that was~ only the truly ‘mad’ would choose it. …duh…

When, for and instant, I became completely willing to be wrong about everything, including ‘reality’ as I knew it; about you, me, subjects and objects~ somehow, I made a true decision.

I say true because, in this deliberate choice to be wrong, I was transported beyond my ‘self’ and body/emotion world indelibly reversing my perception from subject/object based to Oneness based. It seemed as if some external skin slipped away from me.

In this moment, for an instant, I did not see my interests as apart from someone else’s… I somehow knew it was all one mind returning ~ all spirit.

Now, I am constantly noticing how everyone just wants to experience themselves as the love that they are; the love we share as one~ I see that we all want to give their gifts, as fast, and often as we can; a smile, a kind word, a skill, a listening ear…

This beautiful symphony of love actually is easily noticed, once the unified perspective has been accepted. It’s a choice. I would see based on what I identify with… Will I be hostage to the ego or host to God? Am I as God created? Yes. And only this… And as such; perfect love. I forgive all other interpretations and see differently. Simple as that.

Minds are joined, each gift is everyone’s. How joyous is the awareness that all is one.

The Atonement answered the subject/object split the instant it was conceived: “God is total, and the separation could not be. Therefore, it never really occurred and this tiny mad idea we call a world is the dream. We, the one Son of God, are the dreamer and we are in the grand awakening; we are answering to the call to awaken and be glad in a myriad of ways touching each other with our gifts; every where, every time, every space~ till the wake-up is complete.

Thank you my brothers for your gifts to every one of us, I feel your extending love and reception of love ~for it is my own. I receive your blessing by blessing everyone and every situation with forgiveness and gratitude… forever and ever~now.

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