Thursday, February 22, 2007

Godthought premise~ like magic-eye imagery

Lesson 53:

My thoughts are images that I have made... Whatever I see reflects my thoughts. It is my thoughts that tell me where I am and what I am. …This, experience of where and who/what I am the bottom-line for me; the real deal, the premise of purpose…
Who and what do I believe I am? What do I want to be real for me? What do I value? ~ Do I consult the truth or the lie for my identity? ~This is no small premise ~ but the one I operate from none the less… (whether I want to realize to or not!) I do! And this determines everything I see….
Choose carefully, Danét, consult a guide deep within, till the experience of peace and the truth of God’s Son hears One Voice… now choose and trust …
The premise chosen, out-pictures peace or conflict, Love or specialness, brother or enemy, sameness or differences…redundant nothing ness or bright, brilliant “God” in everything I see …
It is this looking within and allowing God to reveal Life to me through giving up the desire for any thing else that gives everything meaning for me.
Every moment of every day, this is the question up for review... Will I cover over this present moment of LIFE with the past/future thoughts and beliefs of the world, or surrender to the Life that I am in Truth.
*God did not create a meaningless world. Let me remember the power of my decision, and recognize where I really abide…. just maybe, I’m not seeing right, eh?
So what is my guide for seeing? From where do I determine what I see?

This world is like one of those ‘magic-eye’ pictures. I could look at a whole gallery of this genre and see many pictures. And think “that’s it ~I saw those pictures… But say a inner gallery guide comes up to me and tells me to “look deeper… past the image I think I see…in fact, forget the image I thought I saw entirely, and look deeper… and look deeper not by focusing or concentrating harder on the one I first automatically seemed to see, but actually relax my focus, and, while still staying present with the image, …let the picture itself, reveal itself to me~ through my releasing the barrier [of preconceived idea judgment] to seeing it as it really is…

I am filled with such gratitude and joy… I see that the belief in illusions was the error that that has already been corrected by the Holy Spirit, and the Mind that thinks with God, has no opposite. This is the gift of the Atonement… and accepting the Atonement for myself, accepting this correction, is for me, really the only decision to make...the only decision worthy of the Son of God. It is indeed a decision for the acceptance of what is REALLY true, to ‘deny the denial of TRUTH. What could be more worthy of my devotion and full attention?
So first off, choose my thinking to think with God…because without fail, my thinking will characterize the world for me. I’m no longer interested in going-with –the –flow of the world’s thoughts ~mine is to observe their nothingness from that still point of Quiet Light that lights up my beliefs and unbelief and swallows the darkness in the Light of forgiveness. And then to look more deeply upon a world of seeming illusions, look deeper still within my mind, until, through forgiveness’s healing light, the REAL WORLD reveals itself to me… this is an experience of unspeakable JOY and eternal gratitude for Who and What I am ~ for You, my brothers, Who are one with me in praising the glory of God! …Forever and ever… amen

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